It was with trepidation when I hopped on the scales this morning. To be honest I don't feel light, you know the feeling when you know you've lost something!  Today I didn't have that losing feeling. Looking back through my diary, I can see I haven't been too intense with my cardio and I've only really had 2 hard 45 min sessions. However I was consistent to doing some form of cardio at least twice a day with Trixie so I guess that's been my saving grace.

Mind you I've been going pretty hard out in the gym and still trying to lift heavy. I've been feeling very knackered in the afternoon and had even have to have some nanna naps in the afternoon, only about 15mins naps but enough to re energise me. Thank goodness my clients are understanding and I can shift people around my nap time. Terrible eh?!! 
Lisa and Jill in Wanganui, 26 Jan

So it was with surprise that I've lost almost 600g since last week! but didn't lose any more centimetres off my waist and hips. Down from 58.98 to 58.40. I guess when I really feel how my clothes are fitting, my back and chest does feel a touch smaller and there's some miniscule definition in my rear delts. At least something's happening, surprisingly.  But I must pat myself on the back at how good I've been on my diet, I think if strayed from it there wouldn't have been much movement at all. So people, even if you can't do all the training you need to, make sure you stick religiously to your diet plan.

Sample Image  I think what's really helped with my energy levels and weight/fat loss this week has been the introduction of Balance thermo ripped and carnitine.  I wanted to put these in this week to give me bit of pick me up as I've been feeling quite tired.  My energy levels have picked up and its curbed my appetite. Check out my review of the Balance thermoripped and carnitine in New Stuff here


Of course the other highlight of my week has been going down to exciting Wanganui for the weekend.  I wanted to get away somewhere and give myself a break from my usual routine, and even though I was still dieting and training while away at least it felt different. And Jill, was a wonderful tour guide showing me round the sights - not too many I must add! 

We started off Saturday morning with a 45min beach walk/sprint then breakfast then a hard out chest/back heavy training. Pretty sure I came out the stronger with my new weight-strength ratio! but Jill's not doing too bad for her age which I won't reveal unless she's ok with! 

Jill's going on the 8 week challenge as part of her lead up to compete at the NABBA comp in the Philippines, so was good chance for me to assess how she's going while I was in Wanganui too.  

We captured our training and cardio on video so will put that on site in next couple of days for you to have a giggle.


Jill and her spotter Roger

Was mostly good on my diet but we did treat ourselves to a Thai meal after going to see 'Alien vs Predator requiem' movie.  I know strange choice of movie but I actually like those action B grade movies, corny I know, but at least I didn't have to think and I had a chance to veg out for a couple hours.  So anyway, I had my favourite Lab Gai chicken salad mmmmm, I wouldn't call that a bad cheat however if we added the tempting Magnum then I think that would be very naughty of us.

All in all not a bad 3rd week but I know I'm going to have to put in little more effort in the cardio area if I'm to continue my weight loss, as I know a plateau is not too far away!!

Happy training everyone, especially all the Challengers!!!


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