Ok here's my Week 4 update.  Sorry not too flash but I'm not flashy!!

I wish I was Bionic Woman!  Did anyone see that show the other night? Pretty awesome seeing girls kick butt - eventhough unfortunately the girls were fighting each other.  But that's another topic. 

Back to being Bionic.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to run really fast and/or really long time without feeling any aches or pains in your knee shoulder and elbow joints? 
27 Jan. Watch Lisa and Jill's cardio and weight training workout here

To be able to run more than 30minutes at a time twice a week (which I'm just managing), would love to do more but these old bones are limiting me. Sure I get on the bike and do that too but just not getting that ‘go' when my brain tells my legs to move there's just a very slow connection.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to lift intensely at your weight sessions and be super strong outlifting the guys.  That would be my first mission if I got some good old bionic arms and chest muscles, to wander on in to Les Mills and pick a couple of 50kg dumbbells and do a few hundred rep bicep curls.  Be great to have super recovery powers too that you don't get tired and can continue to train and do cardio without fatiguing.  That way you can get plenty of fat burning in much shorter time.  Plus, to be able to do heaps of cardio while keeping all your mass, now that would be a great advantage. 

Geez would be good to have some of whatever bionic woman has coursing through the veins wouldn't it?  What was it called? Artificial life cells or something.  Mind you, you can get abit of ‘something something' now anyway to help you, if you feel the urge to get some bionic benefits if you know what I mean. 

But we won't go there as Natural's the go here. No matter how tired I feel and how much I complain about things happening so slowly for me !!!  I'll continue at the rate Nature's given me and be proud of it.

Another thing I'd like if I was bionic is an ironcast stomach.  Lately my stomach hasn't felt right, maybe from all that chicken.  Or is it the heat.  Is anyone else not feeling quite right?  So I haven't been able to train properly as I haven't felt great so if I was able to eat well then maybe my training will be better.   So I can't blame Wanganui water darn it!

OK enough raving, told you I wasn't well.  This week I've hit a plateau, pretty expected as this is my half way mark.  I look a little leaner but my weight is still 58kg, ok 200g less than last week but would've been nice for a little more. Quite ironic as I've actually upped my cardio frequency and included 2 x 30min jog/walks and a 30min stair sessions at a friends house. 

But I did have a couple of days away from home and a little out of routine and as much as I wanted to eat what was on the plan, I did have to vary slightly.  Only slightly like having brown rice instead of kumera (I forgot to cook it before going away) so was stuck with packet rice.  I did have some sauces I don't usually have on food so maybe that contributed to my stomach aches.  Told you I need an ironcast stomach as I'm very sensitive to slightest food changes. 

So note to self: Don't get out of routine and your body won't go AWOL.

Hopefully my stomach and my joints will have recovered fully by next week to give some better weight loss numbers.  Oh the challenges of being Natural.

See ya
p.s maybe a pic and vid next week, will see how I'm looking (yes I know I'm vain...but more because I'm shy gal).

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