Well its official! I have plateaued... on the scales anyway at 58kg. I know I know, its not about the weight as that's what I say to my clients on the time. Its about how you look, which is true. I knew I was on the way to a plateau last week so I wasn't surprised - but still doesn't make it any easier - dealing with the fact there was no change on the scales eventhough have been very good with my eating and training.  However I did have a minor win with decrease measurement off my hips from 37 to 36.5 inches while my belly button stayed same at 30.5 inch.

This update is the end of my 5th week (11 Feb) and I can feel myself ie metabolism slowing down a little.  I'm not feeling as hungry and famished as I used to in the early parts of dieting. I haven't been as prepared with my food this week but still managing to get my ton of chicken but perhaps I've been too good and probably not eating as much chicken as I should and therefore not getting in enough protein. 

Think its time to go onto low cal, high cal days and whip in some extra meat and carbs on my high days as I know I've been feeling little low energy wise lately.  Taking out almonds has been great as I feel heaps better and my eyes don't look as puffy like I've had a hard night on the town.  If only!!

My body is still holding up to the rigours of cardio, although some bionic knees would come in very handy about now!  I've split up my cardio to 3 and sometimes 4 20mins lots during the day as honestly I find doing 1hr straight very boring.  This has helped spare some wear and tear on the joints so I can do the amount of cardio I'm supposed to.

Training at the Environment has been great and Tony and Elle have been very encouraging keeping me on the straight and narrow making sure I train hard with my IT guy...who's not looking too shabby himself.  Mind you he was a little naughty and snuck in some cigarettes over the weekend so hope that isn't a habit that's coming back IT guy.

Sorry no photos again this week. Think I'll have to go get myself a spray tan first so perhaps maybe you can see a few lines on my bod as white is not a very motivating colour to have pictures taken in!!

Hope all the other Challengers are still going strong!!


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