One of the reasons I started on this 8 week makeover challenge 6 weeks ago (wow how time flies!) was to face my fears and do things that challenge/scare me.  And what is scarier than stripping off in public. 

And that ladies and gents is what I'm doing today and you're the first ones to witness me in a two piece - ok shorts and sports bra - but still big deal for me, as I'm not too comfy being too revealing as my closest pals will know!.  But its all part of building confidence and feeling good about yourself (that's what I tell my clients so I should do as I say eh!) So this will be a shock to some but anyway here goes.   

For the past 5 weeks I've been trialing the super secret Beta Alanine by Balance. Its been a great help with energy during dieting. More in New Stuff!
Not even my Mum has seen me this bare!  but I suppose if I'm putting myself out there I guess I'd better show you some fruits of my hard work eh.  Now just because I did a front double biceps, don't get any ideas about me competing!


After 6 weeks, I'm happy with how I'm travelling. Today, at start of 7th week I'm  57.60kg which means I'm under 58kg yay!,  30.25cm around belly button and  36cm around waist.  I'd been stuck at 30.5cm for ages so its finally to get down a little more around the belly. I'd also drop 1/2 inch off the waist from last time so happy with that.


So here I am, sorry pics aren't so great as it was late in the day and had to use self timer as no one was around to be my photographer.  And Trixie kept losing her balance on 2 legs while trying to hold the camera. At least you get the idea of how I look.  Can't tell too much by the pics but I do have some abs, honest!  ok maybe just the first top 2 in the morning but I know they're there.  I'm generally leaner all round but still got to work on the mid section but that'll take longer than 8 weeks so I'm realistic.  

So slowly but surely I am shrinking. In the 6th week I've decreased my weight training days to 3 so I have energy to cardio.  As you can see by the pics I've got plenty of muscle (and I don't really want anymore) so I just got to get them legs and heart moving to shift the fat.  I've also had 2 high cal days this week to stoke my metabolism.  I've found a way to like chicken...yay!  I have to cut it into tiny pieces and have found that tomato and cucumber stir fried with green curry paste stired through it quite yummy.  So basically have been living on egg whites, chicken and canned tuna while having steak and salmon on high cal days. 

I've dropped thermos from the list as my body was used to working with it, so by dropping it its forced my body to keep the metabolism going.  Plus for the past 5 weeks I've been trialling a super dooper new supplement from Balance which is just being launched now.  Its called 100% Pure Beta Alanine and I love it!  it gives me fantastic energy during training and it enhances my recovery between sets, which means I can keep training harder for longer. 

I think its helped with my reduced calories because it does give me that kick while training and because you have to take it throughout the day, it keeps your body's energy reserves high too.  I'll do a proper write up on Beta Alanine on New Stuff soon, and you guys can win some to try it for yourself.  I think its great so look out for that article.

8 week challenge is a way for me to get into a routine and find out what food/training works for me so its been a great learning experience.  With 2 weeks to go I better get my A into G and go hard with cardio if I'm to show anymore of myself to you guys!

See ya next week, sorry about the glare of the pics.  I must got get a tan!!


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