Its been quite a rollercoaster of an 8 week challenge!  there's been ups, downs, plateaus and plenty of chickens who sacrificed themselves so that I can get into some kind of shape. But the chickens didn't die in vain (although maybe for my vanity) as I made got down to my target weight of 56kgs from 60kg on 7 Jan...woo hoo very happy about that!  

I wanted to get rid of some padding around my waist and hips and have been able to reach that target too. Dropping from 4" around the belly button and 2" around the waist.  Although my abs haven't decided they'd like to show themselves yet. 

However, since dropping the weight around my belly and lower back, its made my back look freakishly big and wide!!  holy batwings!!  I was quite shocked when I saw how my back turned out.  Think I'll drop back on doing back for awhile.
yay 8 weeks is up!!
click pic for 8th week rap up vid

Generally I am happy that I finally look abit leaner. It hasn't been a full on spectacular makeover but I'm just doing it at my own pace and I think 500g per week is a good pace to lose weight and to keep it off.

The weight has gone off fairly evenly but still have my trouble spots of arms (my bis are big and triceps are quite thick, I don't particularly do them that heavy but they still want to grow). Shame my delts don't respond the same way. Would love to get some delts, leaner arms, abs. But can't complain too much as I haven't got heavy legs. But probably need to train them more heavily and perhaps decrease my cardio a touch now that I don't have to lose weight...well as quickly anyway.

Holy batwings batman! 


Here I am being daring again and letting you in on my sexy 2 piece. This will probably be the last time I'll be this courageous for a while so make the most of my adventurous streak!

As you can see, my back has come up well and weight has gone off there, would like more of my rear delts and triceps.  From the front, looks like more core based exercise and more ab work for me, so that'll keep me busy for the next few weeks and months.

OK enough analysing, that's the trouble with being a trainer and being involved in bodybuilding, you get over critical about yourself and obsessed about teeny weeny little things!  Lets just appreciate the weight loss and accept your new shape Lisa!!...and everybody else...especially you challengers who are still on your 8 week challenge, appeciate what YOU have achieved.

Appreciate the change you've managed to make in the past 4,5 or 6 weeks and think wow you've come a long way.  Bet you couldn't fit into those jeans a couple of months ago and now look at you.  Most of all DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE, not me, not your friend, not people at gym who maybe competing in bodybuilding.  Don't think that just because someone can do big change in short time that your bodytype or your family/work circumstance is going to allow you to make the same spectacular changes. You maybe disappointed that you hadn't achieve 'their' goal if you start to wonder 'why don't I look like that'.


Making a positive fitness and shape change is all about consistancy. Some weeks you'll have big loss, other times not so much but in the end if you keep on sticking to your plan and seeing the picture tha you want to achieve, you will get to your shape goal.  Once you get into good headspace and don't fret about whether you're loosing weight and enjoy the journey, yes cliche I know, but its true. Enjoy what you do and good things will come.

Lately I have been getting emails saying 'Lisa why don't you compete, you look good'.  My answer? I haven't got that desire right now and frankly I'd probably get stagefright and couldn't move!  I'm actually enjoying my training, cooking properly and dieting so I think if I start to get that C word (competition) in my psyche I don't think I'll be enjoying my training so much and results won't come for me.  Exercise and getting the look I want is purely for my own self satisfaction and if I feel one day I need to get on stage, then maybe but for now I'm quite happy doing this for myself.

This experience has been great putting myself out there and showing you that loosing weight doesn't have to be a drama. Goodness me, if I, a non cardio queen like me can make myself get out there at 7am there's no reason why you, probably much more cardio oriented than me, can't get the full training and eating regime into action and get into shape too.

Typically my regime has been: 30-40min cardio of various intensity before brekky 6 times a week. Weight train 3-4 times a week at mid morning, then low impact cardio around 4pm for 30mins most days.  And ofcourse eating my meals and snacks in between all my activity.

  But alas, its been fun sharing my journey with you but its time for me to get under my rock and hide away for a while to work on my body without prying eyes.  The end of the 8 week challenge is not the end of my regime, I'll still continue to maintain a fairly good eating plan - with a few pieces of choccies and magnums thrown in..and maybe a visit to yum cha! will probably still do morning cardio as now my body automatically is awake.  I'm in the groove now so may as well make the most of my reenergised fitness regime.

Until you see me again, happy training!!


 Sample Image p.s thanks Balance!
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Balance for providing the starter kits of Balance protein powder and liquid L-Carnitine to kickstart our challengers on their 8 week challenge. Also for keeping me fed with Balance WPI and energised with Beta Alanine! 

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