"Do or not do. There is no try"
Yoda, Star Wars IV

That's been my motto this week as I got stuck into my cardio. I've learned now after hours of walking and biking to not think about what I'm doing. You know thoughts like ‘ I really don't want to go for a walk cos looks like its going to rain."  "Is the hour up yet?", "Not another hill", "Has it been 10mins on the bike yet?".  I'm sure you know what I mean if you're doing cardio too.  So this week I just let myself just do it, or when I go walking outside with Trix, I just let her lead me so it saves me thinking about what I'm actually doing!  I found this strategy has made my cardio less stressful.  But at the same time, since I know I have a target I need to reach there's no ifs or buts, I have to do it and amazingly I do.

In the past week before breakfast (week 11) I'm varying my morning cardio between 30min interval bike and 45min bike and treadmill to breakup the monotony. Then there's the 20min after breakfast for Trixie's constitutions.  Another 1hour in arvo, then I've just started 30min every other night on the bike.  So that all adds up to quite a bit eh? So very proud of myself I've been able to do that much, although my legs do felt quite heavy by the end of the week.

This week I'm averaging about 2hours a day. Earlier this year I couldn't have imagined I'd have enough energy or desire to do that much!!!  I'm not the kind of girl who just plunges into things and cardio's the same.  I started off slowly and getting used to the routine.  Since finishing my 6 week challenge I continued with just 20min biking before brekky, and 30min in arvo with Trixie.  And have slowly increased my arvo walk to hour hillwalking in sun or rain...or at least I can handle wee bit of drizzle.  As for Trix, she doesn't care what the weather is she'll go out in any condition!   Sample Image 

On top of that, I've tweaked my diet and cycling my carbs so that I have to low cals and 1 high cal day.  Which means some days I'll have no carbs at lunch, then load up on my high cal days so that my metabolism keeps ticking over.  By the end of the week I feel I've adjusted to that regime so will introduce another regime next week to keep tricking my body to burn fat.  I survive quite well on low carbs, must be due to the huge lot of fat I have at the mo that I'm surviving on ...ha ha.  

I don't have any cravings as yet just some hunger after dinner. When that happens I have to go and keep myself busy until its dessert time. Then I'm starving for my dessert which is usually eggs and protein shake. Yummo.  Remember you need to be a little hungry as that's what contest dieting's all about.  Just way of making your body burn fat.

I'm soooo hungry in the mornings now too.  So its in with thermos, L-Carnitine and coffee before cardio to tide me over breakfast.  By the time cardio's over, I'm over my hunger so I feel contented to know that my body's using the fat that's been metabolized from my cardio and have lost a gram or 2.

Because I'm doing lots of cardio, I'm still only weight training 4 days a week so that I have energy for that. My training splits have been: Mon: Shoulders, Tri. Tues: Legs. Wed: Cardio. Thurs: Chest. Fri: Back. Sat: Stairs.  I have been training 3 sets, medium/heavy weights 8-10 reps but will increase to 12-15 next week..  I really need to get my arms down as I have fat triceps!  Well ok maybe not fat, as there's plenty of muscle there, but you know the girl thing as that's where we keep our fat. 

If anyone out there has some ideas on how to get my arms down, feel free to give me some tips please!

Overall, I'm happy with the effort for the week.  Its just a matter of keeping pounding away and increasing my cardio in the mornings. 

So here's my pic taken on Sunday after I got back from NABBA Counties. I look bit watery and full but ok considering the time of day and what I'd done on the weekend I guess.  But it gives you an idea of where I'm at. I'm now down to 55kg, from 55.5kg last week.

Better go, got cardio!
p.s thanks to all those who emailed me this week with your well wishes! and support really surprised with who's watching so I better be good with my plan.



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