Boo hoo poor me. It finally happened. After weeks of walking in the cold/rain. My body has finally given in and I've come down with a cold and I feel achy and nauseous. I'd been on the go now for about 6 full on weeks of clean eating and consistant cardio. Up until last week I'd been relatively healthy, sure I'd have my minor aches and pains but I'd push through it eventhough I know I should ease back. But no, with a contest ahead I thought I'd better do my darndest and keep on going. I probably haven't had a proper rest day where I'd do absolutely nothing because having a dog, there is no rest and you have to go for walks rain or shine. 
I'd started this week with a hiss and a roar. I was very pleased with myself that I'd done hour of cardio each morning and afternoon, and 30min on alternate nights.  But by Thursday, I'd felt a tickle in my throat and some coughs starting to happen throughout the day.  My head starting to feel heavy on Fri and by Saturday I'd come into full blown headcold.  I probably shouldn't have gone to do my PTs on Saturday as I was just sneezing and had runny nose, not a good look for a Personal Trainer!  
Me the day before my cold struck. As you can see I look quite tired but I didn't listen to my body. 


That afternoon I'd spent in bed and I just had no energy to do anything.  I'd been downing Strepsils, Coldex and Lemsip all day to make me feel better but it just makes my whole digestive system congested.  All Saturday all I wanted was something sweet and sugary.  I even had a cup of tea with milk, strange, I don't usually like tea.  I'd been wondering why I have this craving for sugar and when I looked at my Strepsil ingredients, its full of glucose so no wonder I was on a sugar high!  note to self, must get sugar free strepsil. 

So far I've been pretty good with my diet. The only 'treat' I'd have is a trim flat white occasionally.  I know some other athletes have a full blown sugar or fat fest when they pig out but I can't bring myself to do that especially with a contest just 2 months away.  I think for me the psychology of dealing with the post binge is not worth the risk of having the binge itself.  I'd feel I'd have to extra hours of cardio just to deal with the calories I'd taken in and I really don't have the energy for that right now!

Anyway, I really wanted something cold and sweet to make me feel better - I was feeling sorry for myself and needed some comfort.  And what better to foot the bill than a magnum.  Instead of the whole thing, I only had half so at least I did feel I get a treat and I didn't go overboard.  That did the trick and I was satisfield and man did it taste good as I think its been at least 6 weeks since I've had something 'naughty'.

Being sick is like earning your stripes as a competing bodybuilder. Most competitors get sick at some point in their contest preparation. Luckily mine came a long out from contest.  Afterall its not surprising we do get sick considering the amount of physical and mental stress we put our bodies through.  We get up early, go hard with cardio, eat miniminally during the day, weight train hard all the while fitting in this regime with work stresses. 

If you do get sick make sure you stick to your diet even if you can't train.  Sure you'll want something sweet to make you feel better but just learn some self control and don't blow your diet too much.  You'll have to work twice as hard to work it off when you do get better!  first rest and recover then go hard when you're better.
The other typical trait of competing bodybuilders is forgetfullness, and that started for me this week too!  On the way out of the house I usually put out Trixie, put on the alarm and I head out to gym or whereever.  But on this occasion, I left the house and about 5mins drive from home I get a call from Chubb saying my house alarm went off.     
Me and the healthy looking Tony

Yes, low and behold I'd left Trixie inside to set off the alarm - doh!  other examples, can't find my keys eventhough I usually put it in the same place each day.  Going to supermarket but can't remember what you have to buy. Leaving things at gym or forgetting to bring things to the gym.  I'm sure if you've competed you know what I'm talking about.

By the time Sunday arrived I just felt crappy and didn't have the energy to do anything. I feel weak and bloated from all the medication I'd been taking.  Usually I try to avoid taking too many pills and potions but if this was going to help me get better fast then I suppose I'll make the sacrifice.  I've forced myself into 2 days rest in a row, more than I'd had for a long time to make sure I get well before I start back into my full on training regime again.

So with all my defences down, it's no surprise my body came to a standstill this week.  My weight and measurements didn't change but I have it on good authority that my shape has changed and looking leaner at various places.  At least that's something!

Must admit I was disasspointed that no weight or measurements changed as I'd been working pretty darn hard with my cardio but I know this is just one of those things that happen. My body has plateaued before but it has broken though, so hopefully next week will be a much more happier and healthier week.

Wish me luck!
Lisa, Go Figure 

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