Eeek 8 weeks to go! both a daunting and exciting time in my contest prep. Some days I feel like I'm on track, other days I feel full and round and wonder where the lines have gone. I know each day I'll look different depending what I've been eating and the amount of sodium I've had the previous day. But still, this process does play mindgames with you as contest day approaches.

This is also the point in time where I have to think about posing and getting a bikini, yikes! the last thing I want to do now is look at myself all pale and a weight that is wee bit heavy for contest but alas better get in early to make sure things are prepared well in advance.  So thanks Ali for texting me to reminding me I have to see her so she has plenty of time to get it done.  Linni's also sent me a text saying I need to get my A into G and starrt some posing practice, and will probably have to work on a routine.  I reckon since I've seen so many shows, I'm relying on osmosis to my structural and compulsory poses - but I suppose I'll have to get half naked and do some posing.

Another source of text support has been Lisa Bellingham - who incidentally's also competing in Samoa! so I have quite a mission posing my butt off against the blond bombshell. Oh well, better the devil you know right.  They'll be other kiwis on stage too so should be fun. Lisa B's quite the seasoned competitor so hopefully some of her glamourousness will rub off on me as we keep in touch towards the comp. 
After a miserable and what seems like a very inactive week last week, I'm pleased to report that I've finally nudged under 55kg. Weighing in at 54.70 in fact, gosh don't think I've been this light for a few years so it feels nice to have my jeans feel a little lose on me. Have lost 1/2 inch off around my belly button but all other areas remain the same.  Its the area I want to lose the most so pretty happy that its coming off there. 

Mum up for a visit 



Because I wasn't feeling too flash I didn't do cardio for 4 days!!! and it felt great. Even if I did want to do cardio I really didn't have the energy to do it so I listen to my body and just took it easy.  However I still went to gym, sure I didn't look great and felt drained but its more important to me to keep my muscle mass and metabolism up through weight training than to continually be depleted through trying to do full on cardio.  I still trained 4 days but just increased my reps and sets so it felt like I was doing little bit of cardio. I know I probably shouldn't have but I still took Trixie for a walks around the block and up to the Reserve in the afternoons, hey a girl has to get out doesn't she?!!  I'm not so good at being the sick girl lying in bed all day.  Plus I still had some clients to train so thanks for putting up with my sniffling ladies.

It wasn't till Thursday that I could finally get back into my full cardio regime. I got stuck into my morning and evening cardio blasting, and it felt great to get the cobwebs (and the flem) out of my system.  Currently I feel behind the 8 ball and feel like I'm bit behind in my cardio because of my missed days, but you can't bring back time.  Sure I have the urge to do extra cardio now that I'm well but that isn't really going to do me any good as I'll just be depleting myself and might even have another bout of the flu. All I can do is stick to my eating and training plan and make sure I'm fit and healthy so I can see through the next 8 weeks in good health.
Foodwise, I've been mixing up my carbs.  Yes I'm still having carbs, not alot, but I'm still having them.  I'm really surprised at how some people take them out altogether. To me, if a diet's too hard then there's more chance you're going to break it with a big binge so I find keeping in some carbs each day will make it less likely you'll go pig out.  Some meals I'll have rice or cous cous, maybe some rice wafers in afternoon if I feel I need to have them.  Ofcourse kumera is the mainstay but its just nice to have options and keep your digestive enzymes working so your metabolism keeps ticking over.  At night if/when I'm hungry I have some cucumber which helps with water balance and is also great to keep your metabolism charged up over night.  SOME of my girls hate cucumber but I think they've grown to like it especially if its mixed in with tomato to hide the taste.
Working off the cals
I've had no tastebuds for the last week and this has been fantastic in keeping my cravings/hunger at bay. Being sick has really helped my dieting as I haven't really felt like eating alot. Not that I stray too much from my diet anyway, apart from that half magnum - which the other half is still in the freezer by the way!  However I have been cooking alot with green curry paste and chilli powder so I can keep my metabolism ticking over and to try and get some taste on my food. Got to spice up chicken and fish somehow!!

Talking about food.  Is there anything else??!!  My Mum's up for a week's holiday so I've had to go and buy some 'normal' food that's not usually seen in my house.  My cupboard has had abit of a fright with the addition of milo, biscuits, breakfast cereal, bread, jam, milk. Was kind of a weird feeling putting some of this 'naughty' food in my basket but it did make me feeling abit more normal walking round Foodtown.  Actually Mum does have her wee treats, gosh she's almost 70 so she's allowed to have a few luxuries in life eh?  but while she's been here she's been eating what I've been having so she hasn't felt she's been deprived - as long as she has her milo and bikky after dinner she's fine.  Although I have the sweet stuff in the house I haven't actually wanted to have it, sure if I have a spoonful or one bikky, I'd probably end up having a few bikkies.  So best not to indulge and suffer the consequences.

As a treat, I'm taking Mum to get Botox this week to make her feel more refreshed.  You don't get that sort of thing in smalltown Greymouth so will be interesting experience for her. The doc probably won't be able to freeze all her wrinkles but at least she'll be able to go back home to show off her improved face.  I might just have to do some investigation to see if I need anything done.  Maybe he can do an impromptu lipo around my belly!  Nah just kidding, there's nothing like abit of hardwork to get that area down.  

Perhaps in a few years I'll think about getting some work done, in the meantime its just good diet, sleep and hardwork to keep my youthful looks.. he he.

Here's to another Olympian effort this week!
Lisa, Go Figure
Mum with the other half of my Magnum


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