There will be a a major turning point in every competing bodybuilders journey, or just regular people who want to lose weight for that matter, that when you look at yourself and you think ‘ no, this is not good enough'.  It could be not being able to button up your jeans, you've got flabby bits oozing out of your crop top or you're not loosing weight as fast as you want. This moment came to me on the ominous date of Wednesday 13 August at 3pm when I was getting my bikini fitted with Ali Gascoine. 

Lisa with Ali G

When I put on that bikini and saw how I looked I really wasn't happy with how I'm progressing and I know I should be looking a lot better than what I am.  I looked like an apple on a stick! lets make that a toffee apple which makes me sound nicer.

Sure, I probably had a kg of water on me in the afternoon and looked smooth, and probably the fact I had my monthly ‘friend' visit didn't help my outlook either. 

But you know what, I'm glad that I saw myself at my worst as that's really spurred me to shift up a gear and get even more focused on what I have to do.  I'm going to keep that horrible white bod snapshot of myself in my head so that when I'm feeling tired and don't want to do cardio, that picture will make me do it as I don't want to look like that on contest day!
So what else can I do? I went and looked back in my training diary to see what changes could be made to my eating/training plan.  So what else can I do? I went and looked back in my training diary to see what changes could be made to my eating/training plan.  I know that I'm very sensitive to some food and additives which make me just blow up like a blowfish so this week I've just been cutting out some sauces, especially soy from my food and marinating things in lemon juice instead.  I had still been having half a HPLC bar most days, so have stopped that.  I'm also sensitive to protein powder but I'm not going to cut that out just yet as it's a convenient source of protein.  I'll just cut it down to 1 a day after training. There's no more trim flat whites! I'm just going to experiment taking some other food out to see if that makes any changes to my appearance.  Gosh by contest day I'll just be living on air at the rate I'm going.

  Haven't written much about supplements but I've using plenty of it!  I've found the Balance Beta Alanine really helpful to give me that oomph before training and the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack to refuel.  Ofcourse there's been plenty of Balance WPI taken at various times of the day to keep up my protein levels.  I haven't used much thermos but I did use the Balance thermoripped earlier on in my preparation. I may put these in again in couple of weeks to see if it could melt the last bits of fat off me.  I also take on daily basis flax oil, omega fish oil, chromium, vitamin C, calcium and kyodophilus to keep my internal system healthy.  

  How amazing has the Olympics been?!!  how freaky is Michael Phelps and Dora Torres who came back to swim at age 42!  not forgetting our own supergirls 'The Twins' and Valerie Vili. The emotion and excitement that goes along with watching these super athletes putting their all into their sport has been just the tonic I needed to boost my motivation and cardio activity.    
I mean, if these athletes can train 2,3 or even 4 hours a day, surely I can manage 2 hours throughout the day.  I have been more disciplined doing an hour at night in a mix of bike and treadmill.  Time seems to go pretty fast when you're watching some great bodies on screen going through the rigours of their sport.  And what a selection of great athletic bodies!  I think of all the bodies on show I think I'd like to have a 100m sprinters' body, especially a Jamaican one.  These girls are awesome, great muscle mass and definition in their upper bodies.  Some of them however have a bit of a ‘booty' so think I'd like one with a little less of that.  So maybe I'd like a heptathlete's body instead, now they look strong, lean and fast too!  

But alas I am stuck with my 'apple' body. If I can't be an Olympian at least I can try to look like one. And I have 7 weeks now to get it into one lean machine..but on half the calories of an olympic athlete.  Sure I have some good parts, some parts that need improving but at least I'm evenly fat!  Its just a matter of keeping on chipping away and keeping up the momentum so I can look half decent in a bikini because there is no hiding in a skimpy 2 piece.

Back to the bikini fitting, despite seeing myself in less than flattering form, I was excited to see Ali and sorting out my bikini colour.  She was very supportive and confident that I'll look super on contest day - thanks Ali!  I chose some nice fabric and once Ali does her magic to it, I'm sure I'll feel very special in it.  Now I have to get in great shape to do the bikini justice!

Linni putting me through the poses

Next up on my list was a posing session with Linni at the Enviroment gym.  Great, more time to see myself half naked in front of a mirror!!!!  On this day I did look a little better than I did mid week so I was kind of happier doing my posing.  Let me tell you, watching people pose is so much easier than doing it yourself.  I thought I knew what I was doing but Linni quickly put me into line with her tips and tricks to get the most out of my structure.  She put me through my paces for half an hour and man my lower back was aching by the end.  I know I have to do more hours in front of the mirror to make sure my posing comes naturally by contest day.

BTW if anyone out there has 7 U.S figure shoes they can sell, or can lend me for a couple of weeks please email me to discuss!  I don't really want the platforms but the 6", will be great.   

While my weight didn't make a breakthrough this week, still at 54.5, I did feel I made a breakthrough mentally and getting my ‘obsessive' streak on.  I thought I was focused before but now that I've seen myself at my worst I know I have to just knuckle down and really get into my cardio and make some sacrifices with my tastebuds.

Wish me well!

  p.s since I've been thrashing my body alot lately, I'm getting alot more aches and pains. Previously I might've just tried to live with it but probably to my detriment.  So I just want to thank Natalie's healing hands and her Bowen Therapy for realigning me and getting my energy flowing again. Its always a nice way for me to get forced rest, thanks Nat!

BTW Nat's doing a wee 4 week challenge of her own and she's already lost a kg in 2 weeks.  Go Nat!!

left: Nat and Lisa

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