The last week has basically been business as usual. Plenty of cardio, eating and training which has resulted in me loosing 1/2kg yay! so I'm now down to 54kg.  Be thankful for small mercies eh?!!  Everything is happening but oh so slowly. My body loses weight pretty much evenly so sometimes when I look at myself I think I'm not loosing anything but that's only because a little bit loses all over.  So got to keep that in mind so I don't get too frustrated with myself. 

  In saying that there are some parts that are loosing wee bit faster rate than others. Really happy with how my legs and butt are coming down, back, chest, little bit of waist.  But still have trouble with my big arms, delts, general leanness in my waist but fingers crossed they'll catch up in the next couple of weeks - well they have to or else really!!


I'm still doing plenty of cardio, averaging 2 hours a day. I'll still do an hour in the morning but might do 30mins x 2 sessions in the arvo and evening.  Or just an hour at night depending how much time I have during the day.  Ofcourse some days I'll just do an hour so that I'm not totally exhausting myself.  With all the training and cardioing, I'm having plenty of nana naps during the week to get recharged, amazing with 20mins in the afternoon does for one's energy levels. I still find cardio boring especially if I'm indoors but I find that if I cover up the time on the treadmill or bike that I'm not too focused on the time which makes things slightly less boring. 

Surfing the Sky channels also passes the time and I'm finding I'm stopping alot at Food Channel. I'm not a great cook but always nice to see what the chefs can whip up with chicken and broccoli. Since taking out soy sauce and the protein bar I've felt much clearer and less puffy, but I still need some taste in my food so have to have some sprinkling of salt and paper to make my food palatable.

Posing has also been a challenge so thanks for Linni for helping me out with that.  And walking in those heels!  thanks to Collette Skinner for lending me her shoes too! they're fab and easier to walk in than what I thought.  But still quite a mission to remember to squeeze, stand and smile all at the same time so plenty of practice ahead of me. Have also started on a routine, I'm not a great dancer so there won't be too much fancy schmancy moves but at least the music's pretty groovy!

Below are some pics taken last night, hence the not so glamourous end of day puffy look.  Gives you an idea of how I'm looking anyway.  Plenty more work to do so I better go and get on with it!!!

See you
Lisa, Go Figure

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