This past week I feel I am actually going to get there and look ok on stage.  The diet and training seems to be finally falling into place and things are happening and I'm now 53.75.  Feels like its taken such a long time to get here so I hope it continues!

When I first started posing a few weeks ago, I didn't really want to see myself in the mirror but now that I can see some lines and hardness on my body, I don't mind it as much.  I still mind Linni making me pose in front of the guys at the Environment mind you!  but now that I've been practicing and getting more comfy on heels and seeing some definition appearing I feel good and motivated to keep going.  So I've been posing every day, and the act of posing itself is quite a workout and it hardens up the muscles, so would recommend all athletes do at least 15min a day.

left: trialing the new eliptical trainer from fitnessonline
Haven't written much about my diet but its probably no different to any other competitors' diet.  Plenty of egg whites, chicken (although still don't like it!) and fish.  I find all the white meat helps me lose weight fast so have stayed away from red meat, although I do have it probably once a week to keep up my iron levels. Carbs, well not too much of that. On my low cal days I'd have 150g sweet potato and higher cal days, I'd put in some sweet potato at lunch time and afternoon tea.  I have been playing around with the number of low cal days I'd have before putting in the high cal day just to trick the body to keep on losing fat.  I definitely feel much hungrier after my high cal day so I know my body's still burning away.
I haven't had any treats for at least 6 weeks.  Although lately I have been eyeing up the magnums at the local dairy! When I do feel abit flat, you know that feeling when you have absolutely nothing in the tank and all you want is chocolate, I do have more of what's in my diet so that I'm still eating clean. If I get hungry (and I usually do) between meals I'll have a green tea to get me through to the next meal. And at night I'll snack on cucumber..mmmmmm delicious eh Wendy Sole!
  What is helping me feel good so that I don't feel the need to have treats is that I'm so blessed with really great people around me who support me and interested in what I'm doing, which helps me with my confidence.  I know I should be confident as the site and me is all about bodybuilding right? but no, competing sure looks different when the high heel is on the other foot and I'm putting myself out there - so I have to look good eh.  Its a big call so having confidence in the way I'm tracking to the show is the key to how my mentality is.  And if I can be happy and relaxed the better I'll be for more weight loss.
left: Craig putting the new eliptical together for me.
above: Tall and Short Lisas.
I've got people like Collette (who lent me her shoes) and Craig Skinner from fitnessonline who've given me a new toy to try out. Its the new Red Power Elliptical trainer from gymstick. I was getting bit bored with the bike and treadmill so the trainer is now in another corner of the lounge so now my lounge looks like a fitness showroom!  I'll write a review of the trainer in New Stuff in a couple of weeks.

Linni and Tony ofcourse who I'll probably thank many more times yet as they've been so supportive and willing me to do well.  My training partner, the IT guy, who keeps a happy smiley face eventhough some days I really have no energy to train or smile! so thanks for putting up with all my moods.
below: Can't take the model out of the girl!
There's big Lisa B with her ever positive texts reminding me just how close the comp is.  Recently we caught up for a walk around cornwall parkfor a chinwag, what about? bodybuilding ofcourse!  was great to catch up and see how 'the competition' is looking and she's looking great as usual ofcourse. 

As I'm 165cm, which is on the edge of the short class, I really hope I'll still be in the short class as I don't want to be in Big L's line up as I'll get lost amongst the tall timber!  But I guess we all might end up in one class anyway as I'm not sure how many other figure girls from the other Islands are competing.  By the way, Farah and Sarah Su, hope your figures are shaping up and ready for a great time in Samoa!

My hairdresser Lee's been very supportive ever since I told her I was competing so now she's all excited and ready to give me a new look in a couple of weeks. I know, shock, horror, I'm going to have to glam up and be all girly.
So this week its the start of my girlyfication, first stop sunbedding at the Tanning Lounge.  Marika who owns the tanning lounge on Quay St, out of the blue, emailed me and said she'd been following my progress and was keen to help me get brown and feel better about myself.  Its just so nice to not have to ask, as I hate asking, and people are willing to help because they want to.  So I guess I am meant to be doing what I'm doing with so many good people coming (and remaining) in my life for this comp.

The crux of this update is that if you have good support around you, you're going to be in a better headspace to deal with any eating or training issues that might pop up - and they will!

See you next week.
Lisa, Go Figure

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