The words of the past week has been HUNGER and TIRED. In fact I'm hungry now and I only ate an hour ago! These days I'm hungry about an hour after I eat, and usually after breakfast is my worst time so I have to distract myself and go walk the dog then go training. The burn of training seems to quash my appetite for a while but boy but the end of weight training, the protein shake and recovery stack sure tastes good.  

left: Look Mum, I got heels on!  Still finding the relaxed posed the hardest. As you can see I still haven't got it quite right.
Then the second most hungriest time, not that I'm not hungry at other times, is after afternoon tea.  You know that witching hour before dinner time where you know you have to hold off till dinner. I try to keep myself busy and work on the computer but more than likely I'm in the kitchen preparing food so I can eat straight on time. 

A couple of weeks ago I'd eat every 2.5 hours but this week I've brought it to about 2 hours and even then I'm counting down the millisecond and checking my watch when the time is up! I'm sure all the dieters know what I mean.  But with only 4 weeks to go, this is how I'm supposed to feel.  As the body gets more depleted it obviously wants to keep itself alive and so it gets hungry.  In the bad old days, when I didn't know much about contest prep, I did go hungry because I thought if I ate something it would make me hold on weight and eventually I did as my metabolism slowed. 

But now with more experience as a trainer, I've got wee bit smarter, and learned that I don't have to starve myself to get lean.  I'm putting the right fuels in my body at the right time so that I'm not starving, sure I'm hungry, but at least I'm not craving for anything.  Except when I see ads for food on TV. Foods that I wouldn't think twice about eating while I'm not dieting, you know like TIM TAMS, Milo cereal (sugar overload!) - actually any type of cereal. Or when you walk past a bakery or takeaways. Oh the smell of bread and fat.  Funny how your mind leads you astray when you haven't got the choice.  At the moment, I'm just missing the little things in life like a trim flat white, fruit and just a bowl of seafood noodle soup would be nice.

  With 4 weeks ago this is not the time to go astray though and give in to treats. Its an important phase before show day because this is when your body is coming into shape as you start seeing some changes on your body almost on a daily basis.  I know that, I'm starting to see changes and hardness at various places- depending on what I've eaten - on different days. But still there's that fat bit below the belly button that's taking its time to conform and get lean!  Its very much a girl thing unfortunately.  But I reckon if other bodyparts are conforming, then the abs will come into line sooner or later.  Sooner than later I hope!  

TIREDNESS and muscle fatigue has really kicked in this week too.  So I've cut back on my cardio.  Sure I want to lose the fat but I'm not going to exhaust myself and lose muscle mass so I'm in more of a management mode.  I'm still doing cardio twice a day 5 days a week but have shortened them to 40-45min. Gosh previously I'd be struggling to do 45min, 3 x a week so I'm very proud of myself I've been so committed to cardio. Go me!  On the morning sessions, I'll make sure I work at a high intensity but only for 30min then rest of time I'll bring it back so that I'm still in fat burning mode.  While in the evening, I'd probably work at 55% intensity as I get too nauseous if I go too hard at night.
I'm also more tired in my weight training sessions these days. My strength has probably dropped but I still try to pump out 12 reps and 4 sets. However if my energy is super low then I'll go heavy and bring the reps back down to 8 reps and do 3 sets, so each workout can change depending on how I feel on the day.  So by the of the week my body and legs feel super heavy and sluggish, and really look forward to my rest day, Sundays.

Other things I'm doing to keep me from thinking how tired or hungry I am is posing and going through my posing routine. Generally the posing's going ok but I'm still trying to get the hang of the relaxed pose which is not so relaxed is it?  And ofcourse the ab pose, still thingy about doing the abs as my lower bits aren't lean enough yet.  I guess I'll be loving it when my abs eventually do come through so I'm hanging for that.

  The other kind of practice I've been doing is sunbathing.  You know this is a very important part as it requires patience and relaxation, which I don't do well. So this week I started doing some tanning at the Tanning Lounge, so I can prepare for the Samoa sun. It was only 6 mins, don't want to get too much at first you know.  I'd like to get good base tan first so that I can look like when of the Island girls when I arrive.

left: practicing sunbathing at The Tanning Lounge. Thanks Marika

So that took up some time nicely and I forgotten just how hungry I was! Now its time to eat.  Till next time, bon appetite!

Go Figure

  p.s as I'm allergic or intolerant to various chemicals, I'm going to be testing myself on the Kabakoff contest colour this week. Hopefully I'm not going to break out or have allergic reaction to it.  

I've helped my clients put on the tan and it looks great on them, and I didn't get any reaction from touching it so fingers crossed, I'll be ok with it. Will let you know how I go.

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