Ta da! well since I'm going all girly girl for this figure comp, I thought I'd give myself a new look and go with short hair. Whatcha think?  I've also gone out and bought some nice bikini outfits so I can get shots taken at the beach in them.  Afterall what's the point of doing all this hardwork and not getting some evidence of it eh.

I am the first to admit I'm abit of a tomboy. I prefer wearing running shoes over high heels any day. Occasionally I might wear abit of lip gloss but that's about the extent of my make up regime.  However, all that will change when I transform myself into a 'glamourpuss' when I get all dolled up for the Show this weekend - well that's the plan anyway! 

Since I know nothing about makeup, I thought I'd better get someone who does to help me so I don't end up putting on wrong combinations of colours on my face and end up looking like a bad made up tranny or something.

So I asked Jacqueline Lewis, who has make up artist qualifications, and has made up lots of girls for their comps to help me get it right. I'm a real novice not even knowing how to put on eye shadow properly so Jacqui had alot of work ahead of her. 
But she was really cool and spent an hour with me showing what colours to put where (and when). Was quite a laugh trying to put on false eye lashes - yes me with lashes...sexy or what?  I just hope I can put them on by myself on the day as they are tricky little creatures to put on.  

Its amazing what abit of makeup can do so I'm looking forward to seeing the girly me on stage. I won't recognise myself!  BTW Jacquie is available to do stage makeup at comps for a small fee so just email me and I'll give you her details.
above: Jacqueline Lewis giving me some make up tips 

  What to eat?!! The other thing I had to sort out this week was the very important issue of what to eat to pump up.  Yes very important as its about the only time in pre contest that you're allowed to eat sugar treats to pump on the day.  But while everyone else will be enjoying their chocolates, wines, lollies and marshamallows I won't be able to have any of it.  Boo hoo. 
As I'm allergic or intolerant to dairy, wheat, soy and lots of artificial additives and colourings etc, I was  thinking what am I going to pump up on.  Was looking through foodtown the other day, as you do, and most of the yummy stuff is chocca full of colours and additives like corn starch. If I have anything with additives in it, it just makes me puffy and water just loads up around my waist (and other bodyparts) pretty quickly so I have to eat something that's unprocessed and pure. 

I probably won't have too many carbs leading up to comp day but I do need some carbs in the system to fill up the muscle when I do pump up, so I've settled on some banana couple hours before the show.  As bananas are a fructose, it'll take some time before it gets processed. Then I'll just have rice wafers and jam (anathot brand) which is basically strawberries and sugar and doesn't contain all the fillers of normal jam.  Pretty exciting eh. Oh well better to be safe than puffy and sorry.

After the show, and when I get back, I do have a few treats I'd like to have.  Yes I've been thinking about it, doesn't every competitor?  I'd like to go to Chinese Yum Cha, and maybe on another day have Thai Larb Gai, then all I want is a magnum. That's about it.  I'm missing all the flavours so I'm looking forward to some taste for a change.

 Sample Image But lets not get ahead of myself, I still have this week to go.  This week I'll be cutting out all the powders that's in my diet, as these make me puffy too but I couldn't do without them in the past weeks.  Gone is the Balance Beta Alanine, Balance WPI protein powder, Vitamin C powder. Just by taking these out of the diet, I'll hope to look leaner. 
The diet is pretty bland and basic. Still lots of white fish and chicken, salmon occasionally and probably will cut out egg whites towards the end of the week. I'm still going to keep the salt in the diet until mid week, so it'll be like sodium loading.  I probably won't deplete water too much, depends how much I manage to sweat off and how watery I'm looking. 

  Training wise, I'll be doing higher reps and at least 5 exercises, 12-15 reps for each bodypart to deplete them and squeeze the water out. Two bodyparts up till Thursday. I'll be doing lots of walking and hill walking of around 1.5hr each day - no not at once as I have no energy as I prefer to split it up. My legs are ok and they're getting pretty hard, its just the abs that I want to be the same! but you can't have everything eh.

Leg Training Video. Lisa's 'last chance' leg video. You can check out my last training session here

I'm down to 52kg and happy with that, that's 1/2kg down from last week, only another kg of water (and some fat I hope!) to go and I'll look like I belong on stage. Generally I'm happy with what I've achieved and I'm not going to stress about the parts I don't like and enjoy the parts that have come up well for me. As a whole, I think I look decent.  Can't wait to get the tan on and see some muscle definition that I've worked for!

So that's it from me for now.  Not sure what the Samoan internet system is like but I'll try and post something on the messageboard if I have internet access.

Up up and away!!!
Lisa, Go Figure 

Here are my final pics taken on Tues 30 Sept arvo.  

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