I'm an unashamed Biggest Loser fan. Love it and I don't miss an episode when its on.  Love to see the changes the biggest loser contestants go through physically and mentally. Love seeing what exercises the trainers Bob and Jillian come up with to continually mix up the fitness regime.   
Jillian cute in the trolley
So when Bob and Jillian tweeted that they were in Auckland. Well my heart went pitter patter and got very excited at the prospect they were in our fine town.  I don't usually go all ga ga about anything but since I'm such a fan of Biggest Loser, I just had to somehow get to where they were.  Not in a crazed stalker fan way though!  I just wanted to say hi and tell them how I love the show.  Plus I wanted to nosey at what they were up to :)

This will go in the album!
Bob, Me and Trix

I missed them jumping off the Skytower but when I heard they were going to be filming at the Fishmarket on Wed 16, I thought right I'm going to clear my morning and I'm going to go there hell or high water, I'm going to meet them.  I know, big words eh.  But I was a wimp though and didn't want to go along so I dragged along one of my clients (Dawne) who I know is motivated by the show too.

With high hopes we walked to the Fishmarket, taking Trixie along as our good luck charm.  When we arrived, I saw Bob through the window and my heart skipped a beat.  He looks so much more handsome in person!  As we walked into the fishmarket we saw there was filiming and then in front of the crews were blue and green shirts.  I thought it was Bob and Jillian just here filiming but as it turns out it was all the Biggest Loser contestants shopping for food. 

Dawne and I tried to blend into the supermarket browsing the fish, food and conditments.  Ofcourse we were going to buy something, we weren't there just to stalk you know!

Spotted Jillian down the aisle talking to one of the contestants and she looked teeny tiny and with great set of delts.  She's pretty and pretty much the same as you see in the show. Loud and direct.  Whereas Bob was bit more relaxed browsing the shop with another group.

Bob in Basketball boots        Paparazzi shot of Jilian     Heard the voice before I saw the demuntive Jillian 

After my initial excitement of being actually at a Biggest Loser filming and being in close proximity to some trainers I admire,  I got composed and ready for my approach to say hi to them.

Here's where Trixie comes in.  I tied Trixie up outside the door at the market and all the crew loved her. They all went over and said what a great dog she is and they'd like to take her home.  I know Bob and Jillian both have dogs so I was hoping Trixie would be way into their hearts and soften them up for a pic.

Bob was great. He noticed Trix earlier so when I approached him at the end of filming he was very cool.  I told him how I was a big fan and asked if I could give him a hug, he said sure not a problem.  He was taller and much more muscular than I thought as I put my arms around him.  Trixie got very excited, maybe she knew she was in the company of celebrity.

I was bit more nervous with Jillian though.  Think they were in a rush to get somewhere and she was hurrying people up and yelling...as she does.  So I was abit of scardy cat and didn't ask for a pic in fear of what her reaction will be.  I'm sure she's great if she was in more relaxed situation.  Oh well, next time.

Bob got Trixie all excited.

I would've loved to do a proper interview with Bob.  I didn't mention Go Figure and what I do, as I think in the scheme of things we are really small compared to what they deal with.  Maybe I should have but didn't want to push my own barrow!

All in all, I'm glad I overcame my fear of being a 'fan'.  I'm normally a shy girl so doing something like this is quite out of the comfort zone for me.  I'm quite chuffed with myself actually and pleased that I got check out how one of my favourite shows is made.

Next time I'll pluck up the courage to talk to Jillian! yikes.

Lisa, Go Figure
16 February 2011

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