Kranking is a new fitness class that has hit New Zealand and I got to try it at the only facility in Auckland at the Lloyd Elsmore Leisure Centre in Howick.

Unfortunately due to copyright and branding of Krank I'm not able to post pics of them that I took, but here is what a Kranking machine looks like. 

Firstly Kranking was great fun!  and it makes a change from using legs to do cardio.  Kranking was an awesome workout for the upper body which works the shoulders, biceps, triceps and back depending on which direction you are kranking the pedals.  The good thing about Kranking machine is that you can change the resistance of the wheel so that any one of any fitness level can get benefit from the class. 

As the seat can be taken away from the machine, people in wheelchairs can wheel their chairs in so they can get a great cardio workout.  This also applies to the overweight people.  Although they might get uncomfy on the bike and find the pedalling motion too taxing on their bodies, a Krank class is perfect for them as they can stay seated while using their arms.

But don't think Kranking is easy.  It's certainly challenging as there's many combinations of exercises that can be done to maintain a high heartrate.  You can krank it one hand at a time, both hands forward, both hands backwards. Kranking while you're in lunge position or squatting giving your legs a workout too.

I did the 30min express class and that was plenty enough time to get a great cardio workout and a different way to hammer the upper body.

I would definitely recommend you give it a go!
You can find more about Krank and the classes at Lloyd Elsmore Leisure Centre here:

Lisa, Go Figure
1 March 11

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