From the crisp clear morning, continuing into a warm and sunny day and ending with a still moonlit night, Auckland produced a perfect day for the opening of the Rugby World Cup opening on 9 September. 

A day that I was so proud to be a kiwi when images of our beautiful country was  beamed to millions of people around the world giving them a glimpse of our spectacular scenery and culture. 
A day when I was truley surprised at how many people live in Auckland and decided to pour down Queen Street and on to the waterfront to celebrate the start of an amazing event.  Auckland actually felt like a city, alive and buzzing from the excitement ahead.  Downtown Auckland felt like Times Square minus the neon lights but it was very kiwi.  People really got into the spirit of the event with many proudly wearing their country's colours.  And even Hare Krishnas.  I know right, they're everywhere no matter what event, they're there always celebrating and giving the crowd a lively beat to dance to. 

As much as I love the buzz of being part of the heaving crowd, I'm really not into being crushed and waiting in queues.  I was lucky enough to be in an apartment building right on the waterfront to watch the festivities that lay ahead.  From there I had a bird's eye view of the thousands of people that came to party.  I hadn't seen this many people in Auckland in one place ever!  From my vantage point I could see the Cloud and unobstructed view of the fireworks that was on the way so it was going to be very exciting night.

The noise was deafening.  Not only could I hear Dave Dobbyn and the Finn Brothers performing (and seeing them on screen right in front of us) but the crowd produced its own hum too.  Sure, I heard there was traffic problems but for me, it was a superb night which was capped off with a great win by the All Blacks. 

Let's hope they keep going!!!  Go All Blacks!

Lisa, Go Figure
11 September 11

Me and Mum    
Auckland at Twilight is just
  Got to have popcorn!
Mum enjoying dinner
with a view
Check out the crowd!
The maori waka people walking through the crowd to the cloud.  
Can't beat Auckland
on a beautiful night.
The best fireworks ever!

Before the fireworks got underway the crowd poured into Queen street and waterfront. The intersection of Queen Street and Customs street was jampacked with partygoers.
Hare Krishnas!!!
Yep and the rubbish,
lots and lots of rubbish!

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