alt Hard to believe I'm back from my 3 week holiday and what's harder to believe is that I didn't put on any weight while I was away, woohoo!  

Yes I totally surprised myself when I stepped back on the scales after my holiday in Dubai and London to be the same weight (60kg) I was when I left. 

I was expecting at least 2kg gain and I would probably be ok with that.  I certainly felt abit of an oompa loompa and softer not having worked out regularly during the 21 days I was away. I didn't try to diet while I was on holiday but rather try to stay in the eating routine I was at home. 

You could easily get carried away with a 'relaxed' mindset eating everything in sight and eating things that you don't normally do which would lead to weight gain...and a gutache!
In this article, I thought I would give you some tips on how you could maintain your weight while still have a holiday away from it all.  So if you're going away on a long haul trip and a decent time away, and don't want to come back with extra 5kg baggage around your belly, read on...




Step 1. Ticketing.

Preparation to a happy holiday begins well before getting on the plane, it actually begins when booking your ticket.  For the past few long haul flights and holiday, I've learned to request an aisle seat. 

left: low sodium breakfast

: stash of protein powder, bars
and nuts just incase you get peckish
on your long haul flight

Sure, its going to be a little inconvenient for you to move when the passenger in the window and middle seat's going to want to go to the toilet.  But I would rather have the freedom of getting in and out of the aisle to go to the toilet and walk up and down the aisles during a 10-12 hour flight than being stuck in the middle of a row.

The other request is ordering a low sodium meal at booking.  One advantage is that you get served first!  And the other is that generally low sodium meals are higher in protein with less carbs and sauce.  You generally don't get the cakes and biscuits with your meal and therefore less temptation of eating bad stuff!  

Plus ofcourse you'll be drinking heaps of water and bringing your own stash of food such as protein powder, almonds/macadamia nuts and protein powders just incase you get hungry.

Step 2. Go Shopping!

And I don't mean shopping in a mall.  You'll be doing that anyway.  I mean supermarket shopping!  Most of us seasoned fitness fanatics will do this anyway and is usually our first stop in any new town we visit.  But for those new to the fitness lifestyle, you'll need to go shopping for basics that you can easily cook yourself in your motel or like me, you stayed at your relative's house.

Stock up on food you can easily cook in a microwave such as oats, pre cooked rice, eggs, oats, bags of salad/veges, rice wafers, nuts, precoked chicken and canned tuna.  Pretty much all the foods you'd have at home anyway.  Not only will this save you looking for food but money as well as you won't need to eat out all the time.

You may have already bought yourself protein powder but if you haven't you can pop in to a supplement shop and get yourself a tub.  Or in my case I had already ordered my powder online and got it delivered to my sister's house!


Step 3. Stick to routine and write it down

Most of us have an eating schedule and I don't see any reason not to do this on holiday.  They'll be times when you can't eat or delayed from your eating time due to various reasons but you can prepare for these times with your trusty goodie bag of snacks which include protein bars, powder, rice wafers, nuts etc. 

There's been many times when I've pull out my protein shaker and open a protein sachet and mix it in front of people.  They look at me funny but a gal's got to eat right?!

To keep on point with your regime is writing it down.  While I was away I wrote all my meals down so I can keep accountable and to see how much I've eaten each day. 

I know, probably too strict especially on holiday, but its all part of my routine and I'm much happier doing it.  And a happy me means a happier holiday for everyone.


Typically my eating routine was:

Breakfast: eggs and rice or 'ready made porridge' with protein powder if travelling

Morning tea: shake and fruit or nuts

Lunch: tuna, veg and rice or bought chicken wrap if out and about

Afternoon tea: 2 wafers and Peanut butter, shake or protein bar if out

Dinner:  Mostly chicken, fish, turkey with veg and some carbs.

Dessert: yoghurt + nuts

Ofcourse there were times when I strayed from the schedule like having cake at my niece's birthday party, enjoying the delicious sunday roast at my relatives, having a vegetarian falafel kebab at Camden Market and eating out in chinatown and Oxford Street.  But everything in moderation!
alt Step 4. Exercise
If you're on holiday and exploring a new town or city, more than likely you'll be doing plenty of walking.  Probably more than what you'd normally do at home so that's going to be plenty of calorie burning.  On my visit to Dubai and Oxford/London, I did plenty of walking each day which helped keep fat at bay.

However, I had to go to gym as I missed feeling the iron in my hands and blood pumping through my veins.  So I did go about 5 times over the 3 weeks.  Not much but enough to keep my mind and body happy.
While on holiday, you don't need to continue with your usual heavy duty workouts as you're on a break afterall.  An overall body workout of 3 sets, 12-15 reps is plenty.  This can include: power cleans, leg press and walking lunges superset, spiderman pushups, alternate dumbell rows, one arm dumbell lunge with press.
Step 5. Enjoy your holiday!
There you go, simple strategies for you to maintain your health and weight while on holiday.  I know to some, this regime would seem 'abnormal' and the eating plan would seem like a diet to some.  But for me and my fellow gym bunnies, this eating plan is pretty normal as part of our fitness regime. 

If you are not used to eating this way, don't try and do it on holiday.  Try doing it in your daily life before you go and get into a routine.  You never know, you might actually find yourself feeling healthier with more energy to train.

Whatever you get up to on holiday.  Have a great time!  you've worked hard during the year so you can let your hair down and enjoy some R & R.  Eat, drink and be merry...but not too much otherwise you'll be working twice as hard to get the weight back off on your return.

Happy travels!
Lisa, Go Figure
April 2012

At Tower Bridge

Amazing Sculptures at Camden Market

Loved this crossing light for horses near Buckingham Palace

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