Watch this fun strongman
routine in video below

I've been told that the Australian Fitness Expo during Filex Weekend was HUGE and a must see.  And they were right!

There was plenty of Fitness, Fun, Food, Fashion and serious muscle during the 2 days and there was something for everyone in various fields of the health and fitness industry.

Lisa with Flex and Shane







Filex was a great place to catch up with people I haven't seen for ages.

1. Dallas Olsen, Photographer extraordinnaire for Oxygen Magazine
2. Nic from Topmark Nutrition
3. Steve and Antonetta Jones organisers of ANB Asia Pacific Champs
4. Raechelle Chase



  The halls were jampacked with everything the fitness enthusiast wanted to know and all the food and supplements to keep the body going.  There were also lots of sports on display such as pole dancing, boxing, ANB bodybuilding champs on one corner while the crossfit challenge also drew a big crowd.
The big IFBB Pros drew a big crowd at their various stands.  Ronnie Coleman and Flex Lewis are in Auckland next week and you won't have to line up to see them.  Check out Evolution Systems, Nutrition Plus and Body Pro to see how you can see these huge athletes in the flesh.
Marcus Ruhl
Ronnie Coleman
Ed Nunn
  above: Andy Hammond's fun routine

left: Flex and Shane

right: Roelly Winklaar

    Lots of interesting sights to see and different exercise equipment to try.  You need at least a whole day to spend there to make sure you get to see everything!

Go to see it if you get the chance!
Lisa, Go Figure

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