I was only meant to go check out how Kirstine Nelson was looking ahead of her NABBA Waikato show at Bodywall but somehow I got roped into actually doing Bodywall.  And let me tell you, it's harder than it looks!
Although I only did a couple of exercises, those 1min sessions sure get the heart racing while triggering the core and muscles that don't get activated, fire up.  The exercises on the Bodywall  identifies your weak points and these usually present themselves within 20sec of the exercise.  I have weak hamstrings and I felt how weak they were in the simple squat and bicep curl movement. 

Sure, its hard but it was also fun!  Kirstine has been doing it for a few weeks now and its really helping her get stronger in the gym and getting much leaner in the abs.  Read about how she's finding it as part of her fitness regime below.

I first met Chris Toal when I was referred to him to help me with some old injuries. Chris specialises in treating unresponsive soft tissue trauma and skeletal imbalances. So off I went for some serious therapeutic massage.

After a few sessions (where I saw more progress than the previous 15 years!) Chris suggested I give Bodywall a go, to complement my gym training and really focus on rehabilitating my injuries.


So what is Bodywall?

Chris originally designed Bodywall for rehabilitation. You can really focus on exactly what you need, where you need it.

Basically, it consists of a wall, specially designed gloves and shoes and a combination of over 500 exercises.


The great thing about Bodywall is that it really is versatile. Chris has developed adaptors for the wall which reproduce exact actions for different sports such as rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, hockey, netball, skiing, boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting and more. So you can training for your specific sport.

You’re using your own bodyweight so it’s low impact. But the intensity is unlike anything I’ve experienced in the gym! There’s absolutely no way you can cheat and favour a stronger body part or rest mid-exercise. So it’s a seriously challenging workout!


1.                                                  2.                                                  3.

1.Simple task of lifting bar above head looks simple. 
2. This was weird exercise for triceps but it works!
3. Aaah yes a rest break

Since training on Bodywall, I’ve noticed an increase in my overall strength, and specifically, my weaker side has improved massively. I really think it’s made my training in the gym far more effective too.

If you’re keen to check it out, go and have a look at www.wellnessatwork.co.nz or Google Bodywall. But be warned, it’s a LOT harder than it looks!

Kirstine Nelson
July 2012

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