Bokwa instructors
Kath and Roz
FREE class this Monday 25 June, 7pm at Kelston Community Hall.  Just follow the signs!

I went to BOKWA the other day with Donelle Petelo.  Yes sounds like a country but its actually a new aerobic class that is very unique and fun. 

Bokwa newbies
Donelle and Lisa

BOKWA is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito, hence, BOKWA is born from South African origins. 
We had 2 super funky kiwi babes Kath and Roz lead the way with their outstanding rhythm and endless enthusiasm in this new fun class at the Kelston Community centre last Monday.

One of the first things you notice about the class is that they don't actually do much shouting of what direction to go.  You know, you usually hear ' 2 to the right', 'forward', '1 back' 'step step step'  and by this time you're tripping up over both of your 2 left feet lol.

Sure our instructors are encouraging and yes they do come amongst the members just to make sure we're going the right direction but really it refreshingly quiet apart from the blaring noise of the stereo that is!



Instead this class relies on signs held up by the instructor to tell you what moves are next.  It took a little while to click as to why they are holding up an 'O', a 'L', an arrow, or a snake - Donelle's fave move (not!). But when we finally got into the groove of the sequence of moves in an O for example, the class was easy to follow.

I was expecting all that hip moving thing that you'd experience in Zumba but Bokwa doesn't have much of that.  Well, unless you're super co-ordinated like Kath who just drop in a funky hip move during the snake that is!  The moves are pretty straight forward and doesn't require too much co-ordination to work up a sweat.


For about an hour I hopped, waved my arms, (tried to) pulsate my hips like I was Beyonce and had fun with about 20 others along the way. 

The class wasn't too hard but I sure was sweating and felt like I had a workout at the end.  Donelle would agree as she was sweating more than me.  It was probably that snake that got her.




Overall I thought Bokwa is a great aerobic idea. As I am rhythm challenged, I found Bokwa easier to follow than zumba and got more of a continuos workout from it.

Also I quite like the idea of use of signs to follow than a screaming instructor and that this form of aerobic is accessible to the deaf. 

The best way to experience Bokwa is to give it a go!

Cath and Roz are giving a free class this Monday 25 June at Kelston Community Hall.  Come on down.  Just follow the signs!

Lisa, Go Figure
22 June 2012



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