GoFigure Showcase Figure Exhibition
Wow what an awesome end to a journey that had plenty of ups and downs but so happy that it finished on a super high with an amazing lineup of great figures lining up in the Go Figure Showcase at the NZ Fitness Expo!

left: Lisa and Jill with the Showgirls
Thank you so much to the amazing team of ladies who saw the Go Figure vision to present an exhibition of figure to encourage others to get into the sport we're so passionate about.
Suzie Baxter, Maddi Tennant, Lucia Oles, Pichuda Copeland, Toia McDonald, Sarah Parr, Leanne Simays and Johanna Mountfort, you were all amazing and thanks for putting in the effort to get in great shape for Go Figure and for your great routines.  Jill Clark did an awesome job as always as MC and kept the crowd wanting more from the ladies. And to DJ Timi T, you did a great job and perhaps this could be your part time job.

The gorgeous Showgirls

The huge crowd turn out!


Also thanks to my Super Amazing Intern for the weekend Loren Chibnell who became my Girl in charge at the stand, second brain, happy snapper and trophy girl.  Thanks for thinking when I wasn't and taking charge when you need to!

The Go Figure Showcase attracted a huge crowd who were there to cheer the girls on.  In a fun and relaxed atmosphere which was injected with a huge dose of adrenalin, the girls had a fantastic time showing their bodies to a new audience and I'm pretty sure they all had a great time.

Maybe we could encourage a few more to join in the fun next year!

Thanks again to all those who were part of the experience and the crowd that came to cheer us on! 

Enjoy the pics
Lisa, Go Figure

Backstage Happy Snaps!
Pich's new figure is Amaze!  Welcome back Leanne.  Johanna in great condition as usual

Pich hams it up with Sarh
Lucia A rose with a rose
New and 'old' shape

Maddi The awesome Showgirls! Toia is on target for
NABBA WFF Pan Pacs in Aug
Go Toia! Leanne contimplating her return.  A nervous Lucia!

Lisa with the blonde bombshells Sarah and Johanna


Awesome Figures on Stage!
Lucia, Pichuda, Toia  Sarah, Leanne, Johanna

The Athletes!

Johanna Mountfort  Sarah Parr  Toia McDonald

Susan Baxter
Shape Posing Demo
Maddi Tennant
Fitness Routine Demo
Lucia Oles
Leanne Simays
Pichuda Copeland



  Maddi Tennant
15 year old Maddi Tennant
represents high flying aerobics squad, she won her class at Nationals 2011 and 2012. She is also a member of Team NfusionN, competing in childrens fitness and continually works on weight training and nutrition goals as she wants to keep improving both her physique and performance.


Shape Routine!
Susan Baxter
is an Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete. She is the Winner of NABBA Ms Shape NZ 2012 and competed in the Universe in 2012. Susan was placed 7TH in the World Bodybuilding Championships in Cyprus in 2013. She is the host of Highlanders TV and the winner of peoples choice fitness instructor of the year 2011.

The routine she is performing won performance of the Night at the Auckland World qualifier championships where she placed 3rd.
After finishing her BSc Honours degree in Psychology; and doing various fitness courses through the NZIHF etc, Susan is studying for her PhD into Overcoming Barriers to exercise in people with chronic illness, or more specifically, rheumatoid arthritis! 

Pichuda Copeland
Pich is a professional qualified personal trainer and nutrition advocate helping women realise their full health and fitness potential. Enjoys feeling and being fit but Doesn't take herself seriously (enough?)

She has been into body building for 3years but just starting to get the hang of Figure class this year so still a novice but loving the journey so far.

Believes in fun first and foremost. All other good things will follow.

This is what having fun, keeping fit and healthy and looking after yourself does for you. 46 years young. 21year old son.

Leanne Simays

We are excited to reveal that Leanne Simays is coming out of retirement and we are honoured that she has chosen our show to make her 'comeback'.

She has over 25 years experience within the fitness industry, bodybuilding competitor and champion for over 13 years, approx 50 titles. She hasn’t competed or put bikini on in almost six years.

Last show was 2008 winning INBA Overall Physique title, other titles include 3x Overall Miss NZ NABBA-NAC, 3x Overall Miss NABBA-NAC Pro AM, 2x INBA World Winner, 2x INBA South Pacific Overall Winner, Miss Figure Muscle Mania.

She retired from Bodybuilding because of Leukemia recovery and going through IVF treatments.

Leanne is a professional coach in Nutrition and Training for bodybuilding and general health and wellbeing. Vice President, organizer and judge for NABBA-WFF, the federation with passion. Even though still battling CML she proves anything is possible, no excuses so get to it!

Johanna Mountfort is a Body Science (Bsc) International Sponsored Athletes. She is also the current and three time Ms NZ Figure and most recently the 2013 WFF Universe Ms Athletic Champion and the 2013 WFF Southern Hemisphere Ms Figure Champion. She had been unbeaten since 2011 with 9 consecutive Overall titles since. Johanna is a womens bodybuilding trainer and posing coach, is married and is a mother of two daughters.

Johanna is known for her dynamic and graceful routines and no doubt she'll be putting on something special for us during the expo!



Lucia Oles 

Lucia moved to New Zealand in 2007 and currently works in Technology at ASB Bank. Last year she attended the Fitness Expo in July and was instantly inspired to clean up her diet even more, and start lifting weights.  She set herself a goal of competing for the first time in 2013. 

She was incredibly happy to accomplish this goal at the NABBA Counties Manukau Championships in April this year, where she placed first in the Novice Figure class.  Now she's preparing for my next figure competition, the NZIFBB Auckland Championships in August.


Toia McDonald
Only 12 years ago Toia weighed almost 100kg around birth of her 2nd child.  But slowly over the years Toia has embrassed the fitness lifestyle by becoming a Bodypump, Step and recently gaining her Fitness Instruction Certificate and working at Fitness 24/7 Gym in Airport Oakes.  Along the way she also competed in 4 shows, including NABBA WFF Nationals in 2012, looking better and better each time.  Go here to find more about this Wonder Woman


  Sarah Parr

Sarah began her bodybuilding career in the Shape class but over the years she has developed some awesome feminine muscles that has graduated her to compete in the Figure class in the NABBA WFF organisation.
Sarah, a Mum of 2 young girls, successfully juggles her job as personal trainer at Snap Fitness Napier while preparing for her recent contests.  At the NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix she placed 1st in the NABBA Class 1and then taking on the Aussies at the NABBA WFF Southern Hemisphere on the Gold Coast where she placed 3rd in a super competitive lineup.   We look forward to seeing Sarah lineup against NZ's best in July!



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