Kurt and Jake surrounded by
babes but we're sure
they didn't mind.
41 gorgeous athletic girls, 2 days. One round of sportswear on Saturday, One round of Bikini on Sunday. Nervous? yes!

But the girls were excited and ready to strut their stuff in front of a huge audience at the NZ Fitness Expo. 

And strut they did!

Lucia, Kate, Nats
The Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Contest was a search to find a new sponsored athlete to represent Team Optimum Nutrition. The criteria for the contest was that the athlete had to be athletic, lean but not too ripped and had great stage presence, confidence and presentation.

The judges - who included Evana Patterson, Personal Trainer and Ms Universe NZ Pageant Organiser. Amanda Foubister, Nutritionist and former IFBB fitness athlete, Lee Anne Wann, Warriors Nutritionist. Mark Landale, Topmark Nutrition CEO and Dean Chambers Optimum Nutrition Australia - really had a tough task on their hands as most if not all of the competitors prepared themselves to fit the criteria.

Ultimately the Top 5 athletes decided by the judges were 1st, Lucia Oles. 2nd, Kate Gorman. 3rd, Nats Levi. 4th, Aimee Collins and 5th, Amy Smaulder.  These girls showed great muscle tone, presentation and that extra pizazz on stage, and it showed with only 1 or 2 points separating the Top 5. 6th equal were: Shea Clough, Hayley Evans and Louise Morley. 9th: Lisa Lethbridge. 10th: Jamie Best.

Because we want the girls to leave the event on a high and have great memories of the comraderie and friendship they've developed in the lead up to the event, we've decided that everyone after the Top 10 will be 11th equal.   

We don't need the girls to have a number attached to their experience thinking they are less than their compatriots just because what their placing says.  They are all gorgeous and worked so hard to get on stage so you all deserved to be equal.

We want to once again say thank you to the amazing sponsors who gave us awesome prizes to the Top Athletes yesterday. Schiek accessories for their gorgeous pink weight lifting belts and straps, Carena West for her 3 bikinis and 2 $100 vouchers, Photoshoot.co.nz for their shoots for the Top 2, QVS for their amazing baskets of hair and accessories, Glamdals for their fun footwear and MD Sports Clinic for the Massage to the Top 3.

Also want to acknowledge, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Mum's Secret and Go Figure Low Carb Pasta for all the goodies you supplied for the girls goodie bags. You all truely have spoilt our athletes this year. Thank you!

Thank you to all the athletes, judges and sponsors who've made this a fantastic experience for all involved.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Lisa, Go Figure

p.s check out the Professional pics by Paul of all the girls from bottom of page



Top 5
1. Lucia Oles 2. Kate Gorman 3. Nats Levi 4. Aimee Collins 5. Amy Smaulder


Steve Cook with Top 5
Girls interviewed by Lee-Anne Wann                           Top 5 answer Judges questions


Happy Snaps!
Super MCs Suz and Steve. Nic and Lisa with the girls.  Bond would love these girls
Aimee and Lucia Make up artiste Gina
with Mary Ann
Sheena and Jamie
Abigail won our
Facebook Ambassador award. Trophy girl Claire.  DJ Flip the Script was backstage.
Hubba hubba Nats! Who's the sexy one in the
  Aimee and Hayley
Girls getting briefed Ready to go! Just hangin around looking pretty

Lony, Romelle, Jamie, Sarah. Lucia and Camilla. Team Taupo Kylie, Jules, Tamar, KT
Steve and Kate Lucia, Mel, Melody Lisa G and Krista
Andrea and her trainer  Jules and KT Kirsten, Romelle, Juanita
Tall timbers
Amy, Ally, Nats
Suz and Hayley Kylie and Emmaline

Miss Tess Tickle was a late wildcard entry

 Thirsty work  Facebooking
 Camilla      Lucia  Mary Ann          Kate         Nats
Lisa L and Mel Sexy and I know it :)   Smile Mel!!



11th Equal!
Pics of all the contenders taken by Show Photographer Paul McSweeney

Moseena Okami
Athena Angelou Chrystie Aston Jules Baillie
Jamie Best (10th) Jessica Brown Abigail Clarke Ashley Clements
Shea Clough (6=) Ally Cohen Krista Curnow Hayley Evans (6=)
Emmaline Fawcett   Kylie Gardner Kendra Gleeson Sarah Glendhill
Lisa Goodrick Mel Koch Lisa Lethbridge (9th) Melody Leung
Sheena Matheson Mary Ann Moller Louise Morley (6=) Camilla Payne
Juanita Pretorius Adele Rossiter Jessica Rule Maria Shearer
Romelle Smith Lony Stewart Cirrus Tan Kirsten Vaughan
Sally White Andrea Wood Emily Young KT Zazoun

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Video! Backstage and Onstage scenes from the show plus interviews with the girls before and after they go on stage.

Happy Snaps from Day 1, Sports Wear Round

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