Kimberley Bell           Louise Morley           Lisa (organiser) with Kimberley and Louise

Congrats to Kimberley Bell who won the Short Class and took out the Overall Title and is now BSN Brand Ambassador for 1 year!

Congrats also to Louise Morley who took out the Tall Class!  More pics soon of everyone.

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Thanks to our awesome sponsors!




Winners of the Short and Tall class will each receive:
- From A Photo shoot at their studio. 6 high res photoshop finished images of their choice on disc and in print form (8"x 12") 2 to 2 1/2 hr shoot. 3 - 4 clothing changes with various props and lighting setups with high key white background and low key black background. (Normal cost is $250).
- From Gina Petrie make up artist. Hair and makeup package
- From MD Sports Clinic. Hour Massage
- From Schiek. Weight Belt and Gym accessories
- From Napoleon Perdis. Each athlete will receive a make up voucher and gorgeous samples in every goodie bag. Plus each class will get some extra goodies too.
- From Honey and Co.  Winners of each class will receive a new sexy bikini from Honey and Co. Plus all athletes will receive a gift voucher in their goodie bags!

The Ultimate Winner (to be decided between the short and tall winner) will be the BSN Ambassador and receive 12 month contract (with a 3 month probationary period) from BSN and will also be contracted to do promotional work in NZ on behalf of BSN.  She will also receive a feature story in the NZ Fitness magazine.


MC Unit!
The BSN Athletic Model Contest will have Big UNIT Nats Levi as its Master of Ceremony along with Nicola Gray so its bound to be a fun and entertaining show as they introduces the gorgeous girls on stage!

The Contest Schedule is as follows:
Saturday 12 July; Sportswear Round - 3.10pm for 1 hour

Sunday 13 July; Bikini Round - 12.25pm for 1 hour

Sunday 13 July; 3.10pm Grand Final for Top 10 and athletes will do Final comparisons, also includes Q&A rounds. Awards


  Model Walk Workshop

1 June 14.
  Thank you to Evana Patterson for taking a group of BSN Athletic Model Competitors through their paces and showing them tips and tricks to walking on heels and mastering the T model walk.  Check out her demo of the walk below and a glimpse of some of the girls in action!

Left: Lisa and Evana
Above and right: girls in action


Compulsory Poses
Coupled with the T walk, EVERYONE will be doing these 4 quarter turns as your compulsory poses during your sportswear and bikini rounds.  As you can see there is some variation which is ok, whatever you can do to enhance your symmetry is fine with us but don't go too extreme.

NB There is NO posing routine in the BSN Athletic Model Competition

Pics below taken during NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix Glamour Model Class
1. Relaxed posed
2. Face the front
3. Quarter turn to the right
4. Face the rear
please no (moon) poses ie sticking your butt out
5. Quarter turn to right


New Exciting!  Grand Final Round!!!

Yes ladies we have an extra hour to show off your hard earned figures!!!  In this round the top 10, 5 each from short and tall class will be asked to return in your bikinis where you will go through final T walk.

Judges will then ask each of you general questions about your fitness, lifestyle, motivation and perhaps how you include supplements as part of your regime. We don't imagine they will ask specifically about BSN supplements but doesn't hurt to study up on what they do!
So practice your public speaking ladies!!!

After the winners of each class is announced.  The top 2 will then go for final overall competition.

Athlete Profiles!

Naomi Zoe Shenae Hollie

Naomi Arnet

Hi Naomi here, a 40 year old, accountant, Mum of 2 and supporter of weight management, with some determination! My Health and Fitness journey started in December 2010 when I could no longer stand the sight of myself 15+kg heavier and in desperate need of some self-confidence. In the last 3 years I have lost weight, run a Half & Full Marathon, done a Triathlon, learnt heaps and feel on top of the world!

My life has changed forever, I am less grumpy, have more energy, can keep up with the kids, have great skin and feel fantastic! My hobbies now include mountain biking, swimming, walking, and running with the kids involved. Life is great!

Zoe Baikie

Hi my name is Zoe, 22 years old from Auckland. My favourite hobbies are dancing, pole fitness, rock music and of course lifting weights. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business at AUT. My fitness journey started in January 2013. After over a year of working my butt off I am so proud to be standing on this stage today. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and even more so today, fitness is about progression and pushing through your comfort zone. Being fit and healthy is so valuable; it’s something that money cannot buy. Healthy is not a fad, it is for life.

Shenae Barker
Hey I’m Shenae! I am also known as “SheFit” I am a 24yr old qualified personal trainer with a diploma in business. I launched my PT business in Auckland in Feb 2013, feel free to check out my website Body building naturally attracted me almost 2 years ago where I went on to represent NZ last year at Universe champs in Germany and I am flying to Spain to compete at Worlds on May 31st. I am goal driven, love a challenge and love seeing others achieve their dreams too! I’ve entered the Auckland Marathon later this year and am keen to tackle the Coast to Coast in 2015. I am a kick ass multisport athlete super excited represent BSN and share the love of health and fitness!

Hollie Beeby
Hi, i’m Hollie Beeby.  For eight years i worked with racehorses and riding track work.  This was a time consuming and very physical job, however at the start of this year i decided i wanted a change and to learn new skills.  I now work as a sales rep which is great but as i drive all day the job lacks any physical demands.  This lead me to decide to train towards my first body building competition.  I competed in early may and have loved seeing the changes in my body and attitude, and love the high you get every time you hit a new personal best.  I have found the fitness industry has taught me to treat your body with respect and to tackle new challenges head on with a positive mindset. I love challenging myself and i love that the fitness industry offers you the chance to constantly push yourself. I am excited to see where this fitness journey will take me, and would love to become a fitness ambassador to inspire others to make positive changes inside and out

Kimberley Jamie Shelley Aimee

Kimberley Bell
Hi! I’m Kim, I am 20 years old and currently in m
y last year of studying a Bachelor of Science double Majoring in Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sport Science. My whole life I have loved being involved in sport, from Martial Arts, dancing (ballet), horse riding and running. After a running injury at 14 I picked up sprint triathlon training and school cycling which I dedicated myself to during high school. Until university I had never really gone to the gym accept for injury recovery. However I joined the gym on the first day of University and have been hooked ever since.

After watching a friend go through the Bikini IFBB Auckland Champs and then Nationals I was immediately inspired and felt that this could be my next challenge. After 2 and a half years of studying the sport of body building, both in the training and nutrition involved,  I decided to stop procrastinating and enter a competition and I am extremely excited to be entering the BSN Fitness Model Contest as my first competition in the hope to becoming the next BSN brand ambassador. My ultimate aspiration is to become a NZ registered nutritionist, become recognised in the Health and Fitness industry and to promote health and fitness to the public in as many ways as possible J.

Jamie Best
My names Jamie and I'm 24 from West Auckland. Fitness is my passion I train 5 days a week and play soccer when I'm able to fit it in. I'm competing in August in Australia representing New Zealand as I won the NZ title of Miss Lingerie. My favourite exercise are squats my heaviest squat is 90kg for 6 reps My favorite sneaky daily treat is chocolate fish . My favourite food is PROOATS.

Shelley Blackler
My name is Shelly Blackler, I was born & bred in Southland
where I now live but I lived in Auckland for 13 years where I first found my passion for health & fitness & met a lot of amazing people in the Industry who have taught me more then a book ever could. I am a fully qualified Hairdresser & Personal Trainer. I have competed in figure Body Building 3 times and plan to make a come back to the stage after just having my Son one year ago. I am currently a Bootcamp Instructor for women. I love what I do & can pretty much say I live & breath health & fitness - it's my happy place :) I love this's all I know & believe what I was born for :)

Aimee Blok
I live and breathe fitness everyday! It is my passion, my profession and a total lifestyle which I aim to share with others through my business Aimz Fitness. I believe in a balanced approach to training and nutrition, plus understands that enjoying the journey is important if you want to achieve a fit and healthy body throughout your life.

Rosie Jaime Leah Hannah

I'm Rosie, I'm 24 and work 6 days a week between two jobs as a Dental assistant in Papakura and a massage/spa therapist in Pukekohe at Pure Indulgence. Yet I still find the time to do what I love and train to keep a healthy fit lifestyle. Exercise has been a big part of my life since I started gymnastics at the age of 6 and grew up trying many sports such as ice skating and soccer and as I got older moved onto sports such as wake boarding and snowboarding. It was only recently I decided to join the gym and train to sculpt and shape my body towards being the next New Zealand Go Figure / BSN fitness model. This competition has helped to motivate me to keep fit and stay fit even in a busy working lifestyle.

Jaime Bradbury

Hi there, my name is Jaime and I live on the Kapiti Coast with my Husband and 2 children. I’m a part time Swim Instructor and just love watching confidence grow in the water, it’s a very rewarding job.
I’m very excited to have entered the BSN Athletic Model Competition; it took some convincing for me to take the next step, as I knew the determination and commitment would be intense. So, here I am! My first Body Competition!

The easy part for me is getting to the gym as I love sport and keeping active, but by entering the BSN Athletic Model competition I had to challenge myself with a clean balanced diet. I’ve since learnt with the support and guidance, I absolutely love it! Especially seeing the results in the mirror, it just makes me push even harder.

My journey to step onto the Fitness Expo stage is a massive challenge for me personally, But I would also like to inspire others to get ‘excited’ about being fit and healthy, and that with determination you can reach those goals. Also, what a huge privilege it would be to represent a well respected Brand like BSN. Exciting Times!

Leah Bruce
Hi! my name is Leah, I am a 27yr old Dental nurse/snowboarder/singer! I love to keep myself fit and active as I really believe taking care of our bodies is a vital part of living a fufilled healthy life. I like to keep myself in check with a set routine each week that includes yoga, gym sessions and running/fast walking. I love to also get out into nature a
nd tramp around some of the beautiful treks in New Zealand and mix that with snowboarding all through winter, wake boarding in summer I keep myself healthy and tip top!

Hannah Cain
I'm Hannah and i am 21 years old. I'm a student currently completing a bachelor of nursing in Christchurch. I work in a rest home and coach aerobics. Other than gymming, i am also a dancer and retired sports aerobics athlete having represented NZ in 2011. With regards to being fit and healthy, i, like many others, see this as a lifestyle. Being a member of a gym provides me with a 'safe zone' where i know i have close friends with similar goals. A place free of judgement where everyone travels the fitness journey together. My idea of being fit and healthy is simply to be the best version of me i can possibly be. If i can help others or inspire justone person along the way, that's awesome!

 Cherazan  Hayley  Lauren  Annette

 Cherazan Carr
Hi everyone, I am Chaz, a 23 year old from the shore. I first got into healthy eating and fitness as a tool to lose weight two years ago and fell in love. My goal is to be a great role model and ambassador in the lead up to my first fitness show ever and beyond it. I look up to Bella Falconi, Ainsley Rodriguez and Amanda Latona. Through hardwork and dedication I hope my name will one day be as great and an inspiration for others.

Hayley Cassidy

My name is Hayley Cassidy.  I am 32 years old, an identical twin and live in Northland. I have always enjoyed playing sports and been fit and never one to back down from a personal challenge. I first started really hitting exercise hard when I discovered a love and talent for Thai kickboxing.  This led to competitive fighting, representing New Zealand and my need and want to be as fit and healthy as I possibly could. 

I am a full time personal assistant for an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a part time group fitness instructor, not only do I enjoy pushing myself but I also enjoy encouraging my boot campers to do the same and have some amazing results because of this. This competition will be another one of those personal challenges that I want to fulfill so I am both nervous and looking forward to it.

Lauren Chellew
Hi everyone I'm Lauren Chellew 28, I'm originally from Christchurch but have been living in Auckland for just over 1 year and loving it. This will be my 2nd fitness comp, I competed In the go figure spectacular last sept. It was a challenging but amazing rewarding ride and this year I'm ready to do it all again at the nz fitness expo, which I watched last year and said i have to do that next year so here I am. I'm a full time cabin supervisor for Virgin Australia so I travel a lot and spend up to 5/6 days away from home at one time. (Not having a kitchen, but 9/10 places a supermarket) I've mastered the art of utilising the aircraft oven. That does makes this journey more of a challenge but I love a good challenge and I am excited to get up on stage with you all and have blast. For me it's about having fun and being fit and healthy all year round and having a lifestyle that's maintainable. Train hard and see you all soon. Lauren x

Annette Christie
Hi, Im Annette Christie. I am currently working full time in local government and studying correspondently to become a PT. Outside of this, you will find me at the gym, competing in half marathons around my beautiful home town of Taupo or doing various obstacle type challenges.

2 1/2 years ago I made the switch from living an unhealthy life of drinking, smoking and eating far to much of the wrong foods. 35 kilos lighter, I am fit, healthy and most importantly the happiest that I have ever been. My ultimate goal is to inspire, motivate and assist people to increase their fitness levels and encourage happy and healthy lifestyles.

**Dream Big - Set Goals - Take Action** .....It's never too late

Abigail Dee Ally Ciara

Abigail Clark
22 years young. A lover of adventures and believer in YOLO.
Did my first competition in 2013 and loved it. I also did a six month London O.E (which resulted in some serious GAINS, we’re not talking the good gains either ;/ I asked santa for a bubble butt instead
he turned me into a bubble.) but hey we’re all human there is always going to be set backs. Since being home, I lifted my game as well as some heavier weights. Began following a structured nutrition plan and now use the week to week changes in my body to keep me motivated. Fitness isn’t all about who lifts more or who gets more instagram followers. (hash tag DO YOU EVEN LIFT?). 

I started working at Fit Factory Gym this year to persue my dream of encouraging people to live, lift and of course LAUGH. I want to lead by example. Show others gyms aren’t scary places, and fitness can truly make your life happier. Life is too short to feel insecure or compare ourselves to other people. I want to be that person people look up to, are inspired by and that helps you every lunge, squat and BURPIE of the way! 

Dee Cleeton
Hey guys, I’m Dee. I’m 23 and I live out in west Auckland with my husband and our 4 year old son, Adam. By day I am a stay at home mum spending it watching ‘bey blades’ and‘go diego go’, making triangle-shape sandwiches and going through endless amounts of ‘febreeze’ . Once dropping my son off at kindy in the afternoon I have an hour spare for ‘me’ time (ie gym time) before I go to work as an emergency call taker for the police. With my Rarotongan background I am already predisposed to diabetes, heart disease etc which makes me more determined to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m still new to all of this, hell... u
p until last week I was regular at KFC and McDonalds… but I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to encourage other mums to join me on my journey so they too can reap rewards that I am now getting.

Ally Cohen
My name is Alexandra DeLaine Cohen. I am doing this comp to demonstrate that being vegan and fit are compatible! I have been vegan for nearly 18months and I have never been healthier or happier. Veganism and fitness are my passion! Every day I wake up I am excited to get to the gym and train with my fellow gym rats! Pretty much my life is a cycle of eat vegan- train like a beast – sleep like a baby- and love passionately. For me it is all about getting the word out for the animals, we can all be strong and fit through ethical living. So GO VEGAN, BECOME AWESOME! Regards, The Vegan Beast (V’Beast)

Ciara Corrigan
Former party girl turned gym bunny, my passion for fitness began in boxing but after an injury I turned to weights and have never looked back. I’ve since made my passion my career by becoming a Personal Trainer where I focus on changing young girls attitudes towards exercise and being healthy. Strong is the new sexy and I like to install this mind set in all of my clients. Being healthy and fit isn’t just about looking good it’s incredibly important for you mentally as well, workingout keeps me sane. I love art and have been collecting tattoos for 5 years. I also love to travel, new and scary experiences keep me feeling alive.

Hannah Melissa Sarah

Hannah Foley
Hi, I’m Hannah, I am thrilled to be competing in the BSN Athletic Model competition and having an opportunity to represent the BSN brand. I have used BSN products throughout m
y preparation and nothing beats the flavour of Syntha6 Strawberry! My hobbies include working out, eating and playing netball. I enjoy going to bodybuilding shows and am looking forward to competing in my first one this year in the bikini division. When I first started going to the gym, I didn’t know anything about the health and fitness industry. After attending the NZIFBB Pro/Am in 2013 and meeting the winner of the Bikini division, IFBB Pro Nicole Nagrani, I fell in love with the sport. I am passionate about fitness becauseit allows me to set goals to improve myself every day and the lifestyle is addictive. I hope I can encourage others to live an active and healthy lifestyle as I believe it is important to work out and eat right to feel good.

Melissa George

I'm Melissa, a 26 year old Irish female, living in NZ for the past four years. I now call this beautiful country my home and am well and truly settled. Since moving to NZ in 2010 I fell into a relaxed, fitness free and not so healthy eating lifestyle. 
At the beginning of 2013 I decided to make a change, get fit and feel good about myself. I started running with a group of friends  and with their support and motivation have now completed two half marathons within a year. This sparked the beginning of a new journey for me. 

I started working with a personal trainer and using the gym on a regular basis and have slowly become addicted to this lifestyle. I have become fitte
r, healthier, stronger and have soooo much more energy, its fantastic. It definitely has its up's and downs and I've fallen off the horse quite a few times. But the determination, love for it and results keep me going. I have decided to take my training to the next stage and set some goals for myself to compete in the industry. I am really excited about competing in the NZ fitness expo, this being my first competition and this is only the beginning. 

Sarah Gledhill
Wow another year and another amazing opportunity to throw myself into; last year’s expo was a huge success and a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for me personally.  I have always lived an active life having being involved in dance, drama, sports and modelling from a young age but my   health & fitness journey has been a relatively new one. I have transformed my body, mind and soul to live and breathe the fit & healthy lifestyle.  Having competed at last year’s expo and  with x1 IFBB bikini comp under my belt I am excited for yet another opportunity to meet new inspiring people, have fun, push my fitness goals further  and  continue to inspire others to live and work towards their dreams.

I am 25 years old and work as a Sales Rep; I am driven by results and love the challenges my training and diet puts infront of me, I love the endorphins this lifestyle has and its effects on others – as it has the ability to change people’s lives for the better.

I would love the opportunity to represent the BSN brand as NZ’s newest Sponsored athlete and brand ambassador; because I want to continue to motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves enabling a happy, healthy and positive fulfilled life.

Grace      Sarah        Laurelle Amy

Grace Goodall
My love for exercise, sport and keeping fit began at a very young age. My family has always been very active and my parents have always encouraged me to participate in a range of sports. I have attempted to play nearly every sport under the sun but nowadays my main sport is Surf Boat Rowing in which I have a national title for. It was due to my love of sport that I decided to complete a Bachelor or Health Science majoring in Sport and Exercise, which I absolutely loved. I am now adding to my Degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching in PE/Health. With this qualification I am hoping to pass on my enthusiasm for sport an exercise onto the future generations. I am an avid gym goer and many would say I spend more time there than I do my own house! I have entered this competition as way to completely go out of my comfort zone and push my body to the limits to see what can be achieved with my determination and knowledge. I am so excited to see what I can accomplish and I hope all of you are equally as excited to see my results!

Sarah Harris
I’m Sarah, 23, and working away every day to chase the dream of becoming a Sponsored Fitness Model. I’ve always been active and involved in sports, but had never felt a real ‘passion’ for any of them …until I was introduced to ‘lifting’ 18 months ago. Since then, my life has changed drastically.

My diet has changed - having become an advocate for eating ‘clean’, my attitude has changed – I now have a hugely positive outlook on life and a new-found sense of confidence, and I now surround myself with like-minded positive people. I guess you could say, I’ve found my ‘thing’.

Through setting new goals in the gym and working hard to achieve them, I’ve developed a sense of confidence I’d never previously experienced. I now constantly set myself new challenges that push my limits and I work exceptionally hard to achieve these.

My hobbies are spending time with family & friends, lifting, surfing, chilling at the beach and baking those all-important cheat meals! (go-figure!) I think my passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle paired with my genuine care for people and want to help those achieve their goals would make me a great BSN ambassador! I’m down-to-earth, energetic and loooove to talk & meet new people! Yep, guess you got that!.

Laurelle Jury
Laurelle is a 26 year old children's dance teacher and group fitness instructor from Hamilton. As a dancer for over 20 years Laurelle is incredibly passionate about training, fitness and performing. She loves to inspire and equip her students and others in finding their own passion for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Laurelle enjoys competing in fitness bodybuilding competitions, and in 2013 received 4 1st place titles and 2 runner up National titles. Fitness, health and wellbeing are an integral part of Laure
lle's everyday life and bring her so much happiness, challenge and fulfilment.

Amy McClintock
I am a mother on beautiful little girl, a wife, and an athlete at heart. My passion for sport is evident in the lifestyle I lead, working for Athletics New Zealand as the Coaching Manager, keen water-skier and outdoor enthusiast. My drive to succeed is strong and my will to never give up is just as strong. I’m an individual who knows nothing in life comes easy- hard work, dedication, perseverance and patience are key. A little over two years ago I discovered my love for the gym, and weight lifting after giving up being a competitive track and field athlete. Achieving anything in life r
equires a certain mind-set, having the passion and the belief in yourself every step of the way even when faced with adversity is extremely important. My biggest goal is to lead, motivate, and inspire those around me and most importantly be a good role model to my daughter.

Megan Louise Emily

Megan McGillvray
My love of health and fitness began at a very young age. In the past my passion has revolved around running, however in recent years my love for resistance training has only but grown. Each and every day I am surrounded by one aspect of health and fitness or another, as having completed a bachelor of Health (majoring in Sport and Exercises Science) I work in the industry as a fitness trainer. I simply couldn’t imagine my life any other way, as my passion makes work a pleasure. Although being a typically shy person I could never have imagined I would one day be competing in this competition. The thought simply terrifies me, however the challenge excites me far too much to turn down. I want to put my knowledge into practice and prove to myself that I am able to challenge not only my body, but my fears. This has always been on my bucket list and I can’t wait to see what I am able to achieve.

Louise Morley
My name is Louise Morley and I am 32 years young. I’ve been weight training for almost 6 years. This is my 3rd fitness model competition. I am hoping to compete this year in figure. Health and fitness is a lifestyle for me. It is a daily habit that comes naturally. I am really excited about competing again this year with the chance of becoming a BSN sponsored athlete which is one of my dreams. Its such an important industry to me being fit and healthy and to inspire others. I train every day which includes a mixture of weight training, bushwalks, boxing for fitness as well as meditation and yoga for relaxation. I started using the BSN products recently to help me with my training for this competition as I’ve never used many supplements until now. The chocolate protein powders have to be my favourite by far. It helps curb my sweet tooth through the dieting and I love making protein pancakes with it on cheat days.

Emily Piper
My passion for health and fitness started at the age of 10 when I was left sat with my siblings at the back of one of my Mum’s Body Step classes, it didn’t take long before I jumped to my feet and joined in. Then when I turned 16 I began teaching group fitness and I have absolutely loved the opportunity it has given me over the last 5 years to share my passion for keeping fit and healthy with groups of amazing people each and every week.

I am currently finishing up my last year in a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Sport and Exercise as well as this I am extremely blessed to be working as a personal trainer at 24/7 Fitness in Whitby, Porirua and Tawa, as a Group Fitness Instructor at Arena Fitness Centre in Porirua and as a Hip Hop teacher for Zone Dance Academy in Porirua. This competition for me is something I could never see myself doing in a million years, but the opportunity to throw myself into something that will push me to my limits and give me extra motivation is exactly what I needed. I am so excited and scared of what is yet to come but whatever this journey is about to throw at me I say bring it on!

Eve Kasey Lyndsey

Eve Pullar

Hi, my name is Eve and I am a 26yr old, originally from Otago but I have been settled in Auckland for the last year and a half working in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Starship Children's Hospital as a Registered Nurse. Working long shifts in intensive care, with the sickest children in all of New Zealand, can often be intense (no pun intended!) and I find exercise is a great stress release for me, the gym is my happy place and, as a keen marathon runner, I always feel completely at home pounding the pavements on a long run. As well as this I am studying towards my Masters Degree in Advanced Nursing at the University of Auckland.

I have decided to enter the BSN Fitness Model Competition this year because it was my New Years resolution to do something that excites me, scares me, and challenges me and this comp definitely meets all of those categories! I would love to become an ambassador for health and fitness and hopefully inspire others to work hard and eat clean.

Kasey Ronowicz
My name is Kasey Ronowicz, I am 26 years old and from Tauranga. I am a qualified personal trainer and Manager of snap fitness. I have been going to the gym for many years, but thanks to my husband, I swapped the suits and heels for gym pants and Nikes and haven't looked back. I love being in the gym everyday, lifting heavy,being fit and active.I am taking my training to the next level by competing for the first time, I am beyond excited about the journey and can't wait to get on stage. I'm not only competing for me but to inspire and motivate my clients to push beyond their comfort zones! I love watching them go through their journeys and hope that by seeing me achieve my goals they will aim high and achieve theirs too. No one ever said it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Lyndsey Ross
Im 28, born and bred in Southland and now living in the mighty manawatu!

I'm a full-time personal trainer at Zenith Fitness in palmerston north and sole founder of Resultz Fitness. I see myself as a role model and my clients keep me inspired and motivated. In my spare time I love to cook and soothe the soul with friends and family. I'm a competitive Figure Athlete, and may be returning to the stage later this year! Being fit and healthy to me is about and being true to yourself, where you truly want to be and taking active steps daily towards this.

Kimberly Maria

Kimberly Ruth
Hi my name is Kimberly Ruth, I am 23 years old and living in Whangarei. I have studied Physical Education and am now working towards becoming a Primary school teacher. I love all sports and gyming but my main hobby is netball and has been since I was 5 years old. However being down at University in Canterbury I put on the fresher 10kgs. Once I got home I was not happy with myself so this is why I decided to buck up my ideas and have something to work towards because being fit and healthy means looking good and feeling good in my perspective. Entering this competition will motivate me and those around me to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their physical well-being.

Maria Shearer
I started this journey two years ago, simply wanting to lose weight. During that time, I fell in love with the progress. The joy of lifting heavier and the confidence gained from pushing harder. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my training. Training for functional strength and power allows me to measure and enjoy the progress of this life journey. The benefits of this sport, is the opportunity to meet and train with other like minded people. I love sharing my passion for training and food with friends and family. Training for an event like this offers me another new challenge, a new goal to rise and meet. Where I hope to bring something even better than last year.

Jessica Madison Charlotte

Jessica Sloane
Hey guys n gals, Im Jess and Im super pumped to be part of the BSN Challenge. I live an active lifestyle and love variety when it comes to training and physical activity. Currently my active menu consists of weight sessions, kickboxing, dirt bike riding, running, dancing and waterskiing. I've competed in speed waterski racing since I was 12, stopped at 20 and have gotten back into competing over the last 3 years. I moved back to NZ last May and my goal is to compete in a full race season here aiming for selection for the NZ World Team.

NZ has the honour of hosting the World Championships which are held every 2 years all over the World. This amazing event will be held in Wellington harbour next April. I will be training my butt off to get a place on the NZ team. Nutrition has always been my weakness so being part of the BSN Challenge is just the motivation I need to supp and nutrition up!! It's the perfect opportunity to push myself and put the BSN range to the test. I'm so excited to see what awesome results I can achieve by incorporating BSN's sexy range of supplements!! Time to unleash the beast, go hard or go home!!! Happy training everyone!!!

Madison Turner
Madison Turner is 21years old with a passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. She is bubbly with a friendly nature and loves helping others achieve goals. She currently works for Aracnation Aerial Fitness as an instructor/performer. She trains mostly at her local studio on aerial silks and aerial hoop with a strict conditioning routine she follows each day. She has recently began yoga, also with a passion to learn contortion. "Having a balance of Flexibility and strength is important to me." Madison was diagnosed with Anorexia when she was 11years old and was an extremely low weight of 26kgs. She is now fully recovered weighing in at a healthy 58kgs and wants to be an inspiration to young woman. "Our bodies are our temples, we need to treat them with self love"

Charlotte Wilkins
Hi my name is Charlotte, I'm from Christchurch currently studying to be a Quantity Surveyor. I have a passion for being healthy and staying fit and maintaining a balance between my fitness, work and play. I wasn't always into healthy living in fact I was the complete opposite until one day I realised I had to make a change in my lifestyle if I ever wanted to achieve the body I had always admired, so that is where my journey began. It was not an easy transition, it tested me on every level but has been the best choice I have made in my life and I have never looked back. My aim is to encourage others who may be in the same situation I was to rather make positive healthy choices over unhealthy ones with the goal of creating a fitter, healthier world one person at a time.

Kim Emily

Kim Wyatt
I am 19 years old and work as a full time shift Supervisor, I have been training for well over a year now and have loved every minute of it, weight training is definitely where it's at for me. Being fit and healthy means alot to me as my main motivation was my dad passing away suddenly due to a heart attack and realizing that I'll have the same fate was a wake up call and I haven't stopped training since. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing pool in my spare time, training hard at the gym and getting out of the house to go on adventures and escape my comfort zone.

Emily Young
20 years young and an aspiring ambassador for BSN! I'm fun, outgoing and always active! Health and fitness has always been apart of my life now it's time to kick it up a notch! :) Currently living in Auckland city and working at Tepid baths. I take on as many opportunities as I can to help further and better myself! Most importantly I will be enjoying this journey with a smile on my face every workout, every meal and everyday! :) BSN aspiring fitness model, Em xx




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