Nats, Nicola and Linda
Once again the Fitness Model Competition at the NZ Fitness Expo proved to be a popular both with the crowd and athletes!  
Lisa and Linda
This year BSN were on the look out for their Brand Ambassador and on day 1 of the BSN Athletic Model, 34 athletes first competed in the Sportswear round.  Initially they came out modelling the Go Figure Goddess Singlets and then T walks in their BSN Crop Tops and Shorts. This year the show was split into 2 classes, short and tall so to give a fairer comparison amongst the athletes.

MCs for the show were Nats Levi and her super sidekick Nicola Grey who kept the crowd and athletes entertained throughout the show.  Backstage marshalling was managed by the amazing Linda Hickin who kept the girls in check and at the ready when needed on stage.  Thanks girls!!!

Below are some pics from Day 1, sorry didn't get all the individual shorts but will add them when I have them from the Paul McSweeney.  In the meantime, enjoy!! 

Click here for Day 2 Bikini and Final Round Pics

 Goddesses Backstage!


Short Class
 Tall Class


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