Lisa 'Before'

Surprise!  I had a little makeover on my eyes in Thailand.  For the past couple of years my puffy and those pesky bags under my eyes have been annoying me, I was going to get surgery about 3 years ago but due to various circumstances it didn't happen so the surgery wasn't something that I did on a whim.

Eventhough I'm now feeling good on the inside, what I'm seeing on the outside wasn't reflecting this.  I looked tired, which made me feel tired and so it was a forever cycle of not feeling good.  I wanted to feel like a Goddess but the mirror was not saying this.
Now that I'm on a new eating plan to get my hormonal health back in top shape. I felt it time that I finally got the surgery to reflect my new zest and energy for life. 

So off I went with Maree Stubbington of Beyond Beauty!

Beyond Beauty provides a personalised service to help you with your cosmetic surgery needs in Bangkok.  Maree did all the pre surgery paper work and pics for me before we left Thailand and she was with me every step of the way while I was in Bangkok. 

I don't know what I would've done with her as I was nervous going to hospital and didn't know what to expect.

left: lisa and maree 
The Thais are super efficient.  I'm one so I should know ha ha.  We arrived at the hospital at 10am and by 1.30pm I was in surgery.  During that time I had alot of paper work to fill out and about 3 blood pressure and heart check ups with various nurses and a very nice doctor. 

He knew just by looking at me that I needed alot of freshening up!  He recommended that I got the bags taken out of the bottome of my eyes and also take some fat off my top eyelids so now I have eyelids!

The surgery took only about an hour, then another hour to recover. And by about 5pm I was in the taxi back to the hotel.  So easy and stress free.

Some post surgery scenes may disturb some people

The real stress came the following days when I had to hide my eyes behind sunglasses while my eyes recovered. 

But I tried to relax as much as I could by going shopping, having coffees and catch up with friends.  I know life was tough lol!

Day 7

So that is part 1.  Its been 3 weeks since surgery and I'm not quite healed yet so will do another video to 'reveal' my new improved face.  I am super happy with the outcome and its really lifted my spirits about life and work.

Really funny since I've been back and catching up with friends.  They look at me and see something's different but not sure what it is.  And probably too polite to ask.

That's good as the surgery didn't cause too dramatic difference to my face and is just enhancing what I have.  I definitely didn't do a Renee Zellwegger that's for sure!!

Are you interested in getting cosmetic surgery?
Maree is looking at taking another group of Goddesses for their transformations in May 2015.

If you're interested in any procedure from eye lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, tummy tuck or even dental work then this get together could be for you.

Email me with your interest!

12 December 2014


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