I hate getting older as I seem to get more health issues that need dealing to.  One of those is my teeth and it feels like I have to go to the dentist more often.  So while I was in Thailand I thought I'd take the oppotunity to get my teeth seen to. 

Before I left NZ, my dentist quoted me $175 filling per tooth which is quite expensive so thought I'd look into the options available in Bangkok as I hear its way cheaper to get it done there. 

Luckily Maree of Beyond Beauty knew just the place to take me!
Firstly the service of this dentist is exceptional!  We got picked up by their driver so we didn't have to find our own way and it didn't cost any extra.  The office was about 30min away so we got to see another part of Bangkok.

When we arrived and opened the door into the dental clinic, it was like no clinic I've ever been to!  There was large comfy over the top gold comfy seats, even the toilets had old foiling on the walls, free internet and they can cook you food if you're hungry.


We arrived about 3pm and by 4pm, the head dentist examined my teeth and noted I had a few teeth needed seeing to mainly because my gums were receeding.  I didn't go with all his recommendations but I did end up getting 4 gum fillings, 1 hole filling and teeth cleaned.  All this for $576NZ!  bargain if you ask me.

About half an hour after the head dentist, I was in with another dentist who was so lovely.  She looked all of about 20 lol (top left pic).  Just kidding, she was so friendly and asked me after every filling if she can continue to the next one making sure I was comfortable.  She was very efficient and I was out of there in about an hour after getting all the procedures that I needed. 

The driver then took us back to the hotel for free!


Maree, Grace, Lisa

I never thought I'd say this but I had a great day at the dentist.  Not only because of the great dental work but that we happened to bump into an amazing lady called Grace from Australia who was also there for some dental work.

She is a nutritionist, naturopath, life coach, reiki practitioner and more!  Grace is almost 60 but she looked so much younger.  I think the Universe was meant for us to meet as both Maree and I learned so much from her while waiting at the dental clinic and we've since kept in touch.

If you have some major dental work like crowns, root canal, wisdom teeth or just your usual fillings like me you should consider doing it in Thailand as it'll save you a few $100 or even $1000s.

If you have some dental issues you need to get sorted, then you may want to come along to a Goddess get together next year to talk about what you need.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll keep you posted as to where and when this will happen.

December 2014
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