Mum and Lisa

Its 6 weeks since surgery and I'm happy with how my eye opening makeover is turning out.  I feel more confident in front of the camera and not so paranoid about worrying about the bags under my eyes.

But the real test is WHAT MUM THINKS?!!

She's up for the Christmas holidays and she didn't know about my surgery so this was a surprise to her.  Lets see what she really thinks.

Fingers crossed!

As you can see by the comparison pics below there's a difference between the before and after surgery pics.  My eyes have opened up as now I have eyelids yay!  The bags under my eyes have gone. 

But as you can see from the video my right eye is taking its time to heal and I still have some puffiness going on there. Hopefully by New Year I'll be totally healed.

Other than that I'm the same person - although internally I feel happier and more confident in public.  Not that I'm an ogre or anything before lol.

Previously I'd never used any cosmetics or even moisturisers on my face and eyes but now that I've some work I think I'll look into keeping my eyes alot more hydrated so I don't have to have any more work in the future.  Being a Goddess sure takes alot of upkeep!

Hope you all have a great christmas and ready for a happier New Year in 2015!

p.s if you're interested in giving yourself some 'freshening up', Maree and I will hold a wee get together in January/February so you can ask us all your questions.  Email with your interest so I can keep you on the mailing list.

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