Maree is the creator of Beyond Beauty, a service providing personalised cosmetic surgery tours to Bangkok.  Maree started the service after undergoing her own physical and emotional transformation.  Her story below.  Plus find out more about her business at the bottom of the page if you need a transformation too.


"For me personally the decision to undergo my first cosmetic procedure of having breast augmentation was for several years (in 2010) I felt less than complete as a woman.

After having 4 children and competing in body building I was left with absolutely no bust, just loose saggy skin and needed the best padded bra I could find.

I was too ashamed to wear fitted tops or even go to the beach and was forever being emotionally tormented by my husband. After a number of years complaining and being unhappy I finally had the opportunity to have the surgery.

I can't begin to explain how this made me feel. My self esteem, confidence and most of all the look I now had was just amazing. Comments from people were so positive. Even though I had a lot of stress going on in my life I was still able to feel like a female goddess :-)

Stress can have such a dramatic effect on one's facial features, along with age and genetics. I had for a long time been concerned about the goose neck I was developing and the wrinkle lines around the eyes and face. I looked and felt old and tired, literally worn out. 

Comments from friends and family kept telling me I needed to put on weight but nobody knew what I was going through.. After a lot of research and discussions with my surgeon in Thailand I opted to have a neck and mid facelift. 

A couple of months prior I had opted to change my hair style from being shoulder length to a short pixie style.


What a massive transformation!! For me I felt and looked 10 years younger, I was so happy on the outside but deep down life was just awful.

My marriage was over and I was having to deal with so many major issues.

What did make things easier to handle was I looked refreshed and everyone I saw commented on how much healthier, younger and more attractive I was.

It's such a morale boost.

Any type of cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice but for me I certainly have no regrets. What is most important for me is a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, being happy and enjoying life.. This is now the motto I try to live by each and every day."


Maree xx

Why Maree created Beyond Beauty to help others

After having my first surgery in 2010 I realized how frightening it was to travel to a strange country and undertake a procedure that was entirely by choice. The foreign language, unfamiliar surroundings, nobody to support or help me in anyway as I was on my own. What if something went wrong!! But it didn't and I soon discovered how wonderful the Thai people and their culture is

A few weeks after I returned a friend contacted me and said she was booked to have surgery done here but it was going to cost about $12,000. When I told her my story she really interested in going but didn't want to go it alone. I offered to accompany and take care of her, so for 8 days she had surgery, shopped, dined and stayed at some amazing hotels, enjoyed massages, more shopping and came home feeling truly transformed from the inside out. 

That is how Beyond Beauty was born. Before I had time to get off the plane I was arranging more trips with clients going every 2-3 months. While I was away taking care of other people I had a purpose for life and I didn't have to think about my own issues.

Looking back now it was probably the only thing that kept me going. I have always taken care of my family and helped other people whenever they needed, but I couldn't even see what I was doing to myself.


Maree is organising a group to Bangkok in April 2016 and has a great deal for those who maybe interested in this offer


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