Cosmetic surgery is a choice. If you have ever thought about doing it, I can recommend Maree Stubbington from Beyond Beauty International to help you with your plans.      In 2013 I decided that I would like to have a facelift – especially my eyelids lifted. I was always feeling (and looking) tired. I had done some research locally and then decided to give Maree a call as I knew she had taken clients to Thailand for this type of surgery.    

Once I made the initial contact with Maree things went very smoothly.   Maree had direct contact with the doctors at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok (where I had my surgery done).

Maree organised everything from travel (including organising any inflight meal requirements), accommodation and pre and post-operation appointments. She is also an awesome tour guide and can arrange almost anything you want to do once you arrive in Bangkok.

Maree has experience and an extensive knowledge of the pre and post-operative procedures and is able to adapt quickly to situations and is able to handle anything that might happen in a calm and professional manner.

During one of the pre-op tests, I had some unsettling news and it was extremely beneficial to have Maree present. She handled the situation efficiently, keeping calm and composed during this stressful and unexpected event. The news could have made the whole trip a waste of time, however with Maree’s help and knowledge we were able to make a bad situation good. I don’t believe this would not have been possible without Maree’s previous knowledge and experience with the Thailand Hospital.

The pre operation tests where thorough and professional (the standard of care was excellent) and Maree was always on hand to ‘translate” if needed. The post-operative care was outstanding. (Maree was my post operative “nurse”) and I am very pleased with my results.

As I said above cosmetic surgery is a choice – some people will bag it, others will embrace it – whatever your reason for having it done be happy and confident about your decision, I am.   Let “Beyond Beauty International” be your choice.



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