Stacey, I see you mentioning “green powders”.  Can you please tell me what these are and the benefits I’d get from using them? 

You’ve no doubt heard or probably even used Spirulina at some point – this is just one of the many “green supplements” around.  Green powders (or powdered greens) are essentially greens that have been dried and packaged to make it easy for us to consume.  Without high potency green powders, our other alternative is to spend time juicing our greens. 

For the sake of this article, the types of greens were are talking about are primarily grasses, sprouts and algae – we still need to make sure we’re eating our other veg also! 

Along with spirulina we have things like wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella, alfalfa, broccoli sprouts, oat grass, parsley and loads of others. 

The main health message that is promoted with these greens are their alkalising effects on the body.  Dr Robert Young claims that the root cause of all disease is acidic body tissues, whether or not you choose to believe this claim, there is one fact that is true, and that is that our bodies must maintain a pH balance of around 7.3 to be healthy.  Eating lots of greens and especially taking a daily powdered green supplement helps to maintain this acid/alkaline balance. All serious disease aside, my personal opinion is that a balanced alkaline body will get sick less, as I discovered myself at the end of a very acidic winter last year. 

What I really like most about powdered greens is the nutritional content.  I can’t comment on all powders, but pHresh greens contains around 30 different nutrients, a great multivitamin that your body will find easier to deal with, as it is a whole food.  1tsp of powdered greens is equivalent to around 3-4 servings of veges. 

So, with a happy alkaline body that is properly nourished with vitamins and minerals, this can help with weight loss, energy and digestive function, from digestion right through to elimination. 

Now, I’m about to share too much information but this is my personal experience with powdered greens.  I’m “regular”, like clockwork, but since I included pHresh greens I have been going 2x every second day.  This is not like me at all.  Many naturopaths say we should be going 2x per day, but I support the 1-2x a day camp.  I also noticed my energy improved (it was pretty good to start with), and a few spots I had on my legs disappeared (can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency). 

Most powdered greens are quite earthy, and some have quite a sea-earth taste.  pHresh greens is one powder that doesn’t have a strong taste and didn’t really taint my protein shake at all.  The most amazing thing is that pHresh greens does that I haven’t seen other powders do, is it sticks to the spoon in the same way that you would see iron filings stick to a magnet.  This indicates it has a high electrochemical potential and is very much a living food.  We want food with high electrochemical potential, as molecules with high ECP will move to areas with low ECP (which may exist in our unbalanced bodies) 

Other benefits of powdered greens are detoxification, boost immunity and antioxidant action. I can’t really see any reason not to include them in a healthy balanced diet. 

If you’d like to know more about pHresh greens or buy a tub to try please contact either Lisa or myself.

As with any supplement, powdered greens and pHresh greens are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease

Stacey Hancock
14 March '11


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