A healthy functioning body picks up less winter bugs and if it does happen to pick something up, then it recovers much quicker.  I'm not a huge fan of the flu vaccine and I always ask the question to seemingly healthy people, Why is your immune system unable to handle the flu?  It often amazes me that those who I have spoken to who get vaccinated just get sick anyway, and more often than not, multiple times.

Your immune system knows what it's job is, but if you've beaten it into submission with a poor diet, stress and an unhealthy environment - then it's not able to do this job properly.  You may not be able to see your immune system, but it's there, working with you or against you if you let it.

Here are my top 10 immune boosters.

1.       Olive Leaf Extract - antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant.  1 tsp a day, increase to 3 tsp at the earliest onset of illness.

2.       Vitamin C.  500mg 2x daily, increasing to 500mg 6-8x daily at the earliest onset of illness

3.       Powdered Green supplement - for bio available, non-synthetic nutrients. Daily 1tsp.

4.       Daily probiotic.  Most of your immune system is housed in the gut, so an imbalance here will unbalance your immunity.  In addition, winter is damp and creates a great environment for bugs to flourish in our bodies

5.       Reduce or eliminate carbohydrates like bread and sugar.  Sugar and refined carbs depress the immune system.  At the earliest onset of illness, cut out completely and fight the cravings off with some lean protein, which is also supports the immune system.

6.       Water.  Water helps to move toxins through the system.  At the onset of illness increase your water intake to assist mucous production, which helps to package up and eliminate bugs

7.       De-mould your home.  Don't treat mould lightly, the spores are getting into your body every time you take a breath.  Look at getting a dehumidifier or other damp reducing product.

8.       Sleep well, or at least make an attempt to improve your sleep.  Poor sleep depresses the immune system and raises stress hormones, which further affect immunity.

9.       Get your stress under control.  Yes, this may mean a life change.  Stress depletes nutrients and depresses the immune system.  Along with (amongst other things) its affects on mental and digestive health, your energy levels and quality of sleep, this is one thing you really want to start working on for the good of your health.

10.   Get rid of the toxins now.  Smoking, drinking, drugs and any other chemicals you frequent yourself with.  These things produce free radicals which seek and destroy cell membranes, putting an extra load on your immune system that it doesn't need.  Toxins also deplete nutrients, and some of these nutrients are crucial to your immunity.

There are many other remedies and strategies including, Garlic, Echinacea, colloidal silver, essential fatty acids, glutamine, iron, B-Vitamins, Zinc, herbal and homeopathic remedies.  In my opinion the ones I have listed are the top ones for strengthening the immune system, so your body can do the work of fighting off bugs.

We all have health and fitness goals, but I believe every single one of us should be adding 'balancing body chemistry' to those goals, once you have done the hard yards to achieve this, maintaining a happy healthy body is easy.

And a final note about toxins/sugar/poor sleep and immunity - Easter's coming up, count how many of your colleagues come back from Easter break with illness.

13 April 11

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