How many of you distill your water? Did you know that distillation takes the nasties out of your water, but it also takes the good stuff out.

The idea of drinking water (back before we started treating it with chemicals), was that it was a good source of minerals found in rocks and soils as well as the essential mix of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, so the process of hydration isn’t just about getting H20 in, it’s about getting minerals in to our cells to not only help with their function, but also to help with the healthy retention of fluids where they’re needed.

Remineralisation of your water is as simple as adding ¼ tsp of Himalayan Crystal Salt to every litre of water. And no, you won’t get puffy ankles by doing this. Some of the benefits that have been experienced by doing this are:

· Better control of blood pressure for those who suffer from low BP

· Less urination for those who feel like their water just passes straight through

· Reduced anxiety and worry for those who are experiencing this due to mineral deficiencies

· Greater attention and focus

· Improvements in pH balance (moving towards a more alkalkine state)

Some of us drink loads of water all day, but are still dehydrated through poor water retention, so mineralising your water helps you remain hydrated, but is also a lovely way to get trace minerals into your cells easily.

And for those who don’t distil their water, adding a little pinch of Himalayan Salt won’t hurt you’s all about the minerals!

Stacey Hancock
September 2012

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