Stacey Hancock
Stacey's here to help nourish your brains on tricky nutrition matters such as food allergies, intolerances, supplements..and a myriad of other things under the nutrition umbrella.

Stacey Hancock is a CHEK Exercise Coach and Nutritionist based in Hamilton. Also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Stacey bridges the gap between nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to achieve clients goals throughout the Waikato.

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Stacey's website www.staceyhancock.co.nz here

About Stacey!
In June 2005, I didn't like me very much - I was overweight, depressed, moody and metabolically damaged.  After hiring a fantastic trainer, I slogged it out at the gym and learnt how to eat right.  The weight fell off and I started lifting out of my depression...from that point on I was hooked on food, but in a more obsessive science type of way. 

At the end of 2006 I had decided that I was going to completely change my career from advertising to nutrition. After leaving science well behind in the 4th form I embarked on Massey summer school and attempted to learn chemistry..eek..what's a molecule?!  I'm pleased to say I managed to find out and in 2007 I completed my GCertScTechnology (Human Nutrition) AND competed in my first Figure Comp!  Needless to say it was a mad year.  I began as a Nutrition Consultant at the start of 2007 and once qualifed began operating as a Nutritionist.  I opened my own company (NEOtrition) in August 2007 and have been growing ever since.  I also found a job at a gym in Hamilton and flexed my nutrition muscle while working as an instructor, and was then promoted to Manager. During this time I gained a National Certificate in Fitness, level 3.  Thus completing my career transition.  Learning never ends though and I like to keep up to date with current research on Nutrition through journals...and keeping abreast of those 'wonderful' quick fix 'diets'.
I absolutely love being a Nutritionist, it is amazing to see exactly how food influences the body, much like a medicine and I really enjoy getting stuck into some good nutrition detective work.  The best thing about this job is making a difference in someone else's life and making someone 'feel' better through the use of food and showing them that it can be realistic and rewarding.  I currently operate in Hamilton and am also available via email for those out of town.  I cover all areas of nutrition including weight loss, gain, nutrient deficiency, allergies, low energy, digestive upsets...and more, just ask and I will tell you if I can help and if not, I will find you someone who can.  A big thank you to Lisa for featuring Stacey's Nutrition Space on the Go Figure site, I look forward to getting stuck into all your burning nutrition questions.

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