1 capsicum
1 white onion
1 can of chopped tomatoes(no additives)
1 whole fresh chilli
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of oregano(or any mixed herbs)
salt and pepper to taste
300g premium mince(i preffer beef or even venison if availible but chicken is fine)

1 wholemeal or plain wrap

1/2 an avacado
kaitaia fire chilli sauce
lemon juice
if desired deseeded tomato diced

1. dice onion,capsicum,chilli then fry in pot once softend add cumin and herbs and season with salt and pepper

2. once flavour is cooked in add chopped tomato simmer for a few minutes

3. add mince and simmer again until thickend and full of flavour.

4. for homemade cornchips slice wrap into triangles drizzle with olive oil if preferred and bake until golden

5. for the quacamole mash avacado dice seeded tomato add a couple of good splashes of chilli sauce and few teaspoons of lemon juice to desired taste season with salt and pepper

This is either a large mans portion or dinner for two healthy individuals!!

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