2 tbsp of lemon juice
3 tsp of splenda (or natural sweetner)
1 tsp sesame oil (lowest sodium possible)
1 tsp soy sauce (low sodium)
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 clove of garlic crushed

200g beef rump or lamb backstrap
5-6 cherry tomatoes
1/4 cucumber seeded and cut into thin strips
1/4 red onion sliced into thin wedges
1 fresh red chilli deseeded and cut into thin strips
about a tablespoon of fresh mint,coriander,and thai basil or regular basil will do
and roughly torn into pieces
1/4 cup of toasted cashews chopped up (optional)
4 kaffir lime leaves(deveined and finely shredded)
about a cup of ur favourite lettuce leaves

1.season and grill meat how ever desired medium rear is good set aside and let rest for five minutes then slice on angle.  

2. whisk together ingredients for the dressing and set aside.
3. slice and dice all salad ingredients
4. then toss dressing through meat and salad and serve.

Suitable for one or if cooking for two double the recipe enjoy!!!

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