by Donna Randell

Dice a whole 1kg of chicken breast
1 sachet of LEE KUM KEE ready sauce Cantonese stir fry chicken
1kg packet of frozen select eastern stir fry vegetables
1 red onion
1tsp crushed garlic
1tsp crushed ginger
¼ tsp chilli flakes...
1 pkt Go Figure Low Carb Pasta
Coconut oil
Salt and pepper to taste


1.Put oil in pan - dice chicken breast into chunks or strips.

2.Place chicken in pan to brown and just cook through
3.Remove chicken and set aside and empty juices from pan and discard.
4.Place the packet of frozen veggies in microwave and cook through & drain excess water.
5.Sauté onions then add ginger and garlic then add pasta & stir through.
6.Add vegetables, sauce and chicken into the pan.
7.Mix through until all heated through & sauce has thickened
8.Add salt and pepper to taste

Note: Cantonese sauce suggests 4 serves, but this serves around 5-6 (could probably add more veggies if desired.
Although I have opted to use Go Figure Low Carb Pasta, you can add 1/3rd to ½ C cooked brown rice

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