300gm Chicken breast diced
1 x Small Red Onion
2 x Cloves Crushed Garlic
1 x Packet Uncle Bens Wholegrain Instant 90 sec Rice
2 x tbs Balsamic Vinegar
2 x tbs Low Salt Soy Sauce
3-4 tbs Ayams Light Sweet Chilli Sauce
1 x Egg & 3 x Egg Whites
300gm Watties Frozen Chinese or International Mix
Olive Oil Spray

Microwave Rice & set aside.
Whisk eggs until frothy. Lighty spray small pan with oil & pour in egg mixture cook omelette & set aside.
When cool slice into thin strips.
In a large non stick pan put Onion, Garlic & Balsamic Vinegar, stir 2-3 mins
Add Chicken & fry until cooked.
Add Soy Sauce, Vegetables, Rice & toss through.
Lastly add egg omelette & Sweet Chilli Sauce combine together.

Serves 2

Nutritional Information:

Per Serve approx
Calories  441
Protein  50gm
Carbohydrate  45gm
Fat  9gm

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