Maraetai Stairs

Valentines Day is coming up and why not have a romantic stoll
around beautiful Maraetai. Imagine how bliss it would be walking hand in hand pants rolled up barefoot in the tide.

Doesn't it just sound heavenly ahhhh.

Now you know what would make that evening absolutely picture perfect HAMMERING UP SOME STAIRS!!! Thats right if you take these lil beauties every second step you're in a gorgeous sizzalicious lushish lunge position and you can do this right to the top changing legs as you go.

I think those who step together stair together! These Maraetai stairs are actually on the Tracey Walk which if you go to the boat club and walk in and up to the ramp the track is to the left you'll see the sign Tracey walk;-)

Happy stairing

13-motivation-stairs  Running, Walking and Lunging Stairs is a great way to get an intense cardio workout while toning your butt and thighs. 

So we thought we'd start a directory of Stairs around Auckland and surrounds.  And who better to start off the Stairs review than our Stair afficianado Angela Wilkinson.  Ang loves her stairs and she has gone far and wide to climb them, here are a list of her climbs so far.

If you're a regular stair climber and have a favourite set in your area, please send us a pic and a brief description of how to get there and how hard the stairs are.


  Camp Sladdin is an old Scout Camp and its down Thorpes Quarry Road Clevedon I use Ange's Beauty Biz as the marker right before Thorpes Quarry Road on the left.
Angela trialing Camp Sladdin Stairs
Camp Sladdin is around 714 stairs to a lookout and its not straight up its a gradual climp to the lookout but the lookout isn't that spectacular as the trees have grown too high so you have to stand on the picnic table to get your picture then you can either return down the stairs or go the adventurous way and carry on down the no stairs option which is pretty dodgey you gotta be careful but it is fun

Castor Bay

Now these stairs are ULTRA special and so much fun. Now to get to these stairs you need to go to Beach Road Castor Bay and there's a trick to it once there you'll see a playground to the left and then to the right near the cliff is the public toilets.

Now where those toilets are to the left theres a locked gate but that is public access and its where you need to go to get to the JF Kennedy park which has the top entrance to the mighty stairs to the beach

Catherdral Cove
Why pay money to go by boat when you can take advance of the trail and the views and these stairs which tease you just alittle as they are just before you hit the beach To get to Cathedral Cove go by the sign by the shops as you enter the main street in Hahei


Eastern Beach
The eastern beach stairs are great and have benches in between where you can do tricep dips or bulgarian lunges off and other awesome exercises and these stairs are also straight up and probably close to 100 I havn't counted them The location is Hostel Access Road off the Esplanade Eastern Beach the marker that you have the road is the kids playground on the corner



The Hunuas
The Hunuas is an abundance of fun trails galore to reservoirs and lookouts I would need to guide you to so many options but the stairs theres two special ones The entrance off the Falls Road you can go on the Wairoa Reservoir trail and as you cross the stream you get greeted with the stairs that just go on forever but they are gradual there would most deffinitly be more than 100.
Also the other lot which I found pretty good was if you go down the other entrance off Moumoukai Road you go to the suspension bridge and cross that where you can go on a shorter trail and you get greeted with more grass stairs which are painfully steep


Totara Park has a couple of access road to it but from where I live
and quickest way to the stairs is Waiere Road entrance in The Gardens
the stairs are over 100 and they are straight up the last two sets of
stairs are the ass killers lol

The easiest way to describe where the stairs exactly are is if you go
past the Beaufords Restaurant (also where I got married hehe) and
theres a path to the left of the tennis courts that pretty much takes
you to them


Ok so over Christmas we were in Whitianga and because the prospect of being out of routine freaked me out I sourced trails So the two which are special in Whitianga is taking the ferry over to the other side and climbing up to the whitianga rock this dosn't take long but is very interesting After you've done that you can then continue up and along the road heading towards Cooks beach but detouring up to Shakespears Cliff this is awesome a steep road all the way to the top and off this has stairs down to the beach like Lonely Bay and this is also very challenging and worth the hike the views and quiet beaches are great

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