It was 72 steps of sheer pain and 22 athletes of all fitness levels came along to our first ever Epic Stair Challenge at the Trust Stadium to see how many they could complete them in 20mins. 

In a fun and supportive atmosphere the athletes sweated their way up and down the stairs, some faster than others, but each person completed the stairs and reached their own personal challenges which was great to see.

However, it was the superfit athletes from Ludus Magnus who featured in the final placings.  Anna ,who's a 800m runner showed her combination of fitness and strength by completing 27 sets but Katie (fellow Ludian) wasn't far away with 26 2nd. 3rd was Anita with a great effort of 22.  Ludian James Nash was a machine winning with his 29 sets with Aaron 2nd with 26 and Cam 3rd with 23.


For their efforts, the top 3 in each female and male classes got amazing prizes!! The female and male winners received either a Optimum Gold Standard Protein Powder or Mutant Whey, 6 pack of Go Figure Pasta and Rice, Shred II fat burner, awesome prize from Russell Athletic and a $100 voucher from

We also gave out spot prizes of protein samples, Go Figure Pasta and Russell Athletic. Most importantly we raised some much needed funds to "HELP Auckland", a charity for sexual abuse victims.

Video! Check out all the pics and video of the event below.  Since this event was such a success, we'll probably be putting on another event in the next months so keep an eye on Go Figure to be part of the fun.
Anna Bramley with 27 Sets, Katie with 26, Anita with 22.
Anna and Katie.  James, Anna and Katie in actions




The Top 3 Boys
James Nash 1st   Aaron 2nd  Cam 3rd

The Start
The VIP scorers Roz organising the names
The boys

Evana representing
Waiting for fun to begin. James warming up Ludus supporters

The Hard Slog in the middle
And they're off!

The End
Yep that was a great way to start the day!
Yay Jo finishes! Aaahh the end.
James and Julia  Brad, James and Julia
Go Ludus! Shan and Roz Prizegiving!
Results  Female
Anna             27
Katie             26
Anita             22
Karrine          21
Evana           21
Rad              21
Anne marie   21
Kirstyn          20
Krystal          19
Laura           19
Angie           19
Becs             18
Angela          17
Nadine          14
Jo                 13

Results Men
James         29
Aaron          26
Cam            23
Brad            22
Chris           20
Lance          19
Ben             19
Scott            4

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