Legs, glorious luscious bootiful booty and glutes are what us girls (and a few guys) want.  There's no easy way to get legs except for hardwork.  I find higher reps and supersets are the best way to get the burn in all the right places.
Recently I went out to train with Leanne Simays and Angela Wilkinson out at Transform Health and Fitness Studio in Papakura to indulge in some luscious leg training and here's what happened:

1. Straight into 20 reps x 4 sets of superset: Leg Extension + Hack Squats

2. Circuit: Stiff legged deadlift + TRX squat jumps + 1 legged step ups
3 sets x 15 reps
3. Outdoor Lunges.  About 200 - seems like a 1000!
4. Finish with Seated hamstring leg curls. 3 sets x 15reps

5. Lie down while getting protein intravenous drip lol

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