Morph Megadrive is a new pre training formula from isatori designed to give you focus and long lasting energy during your workouts.

Winners!!!  the winner of the Morph Megadrive pack is Ness Lawgun.  And the distributors would also like to give Andrew Barrett an 'Assault' pre workout formula as a consolation prize.

All the other entries will get sample tablets of the Morph GXR-3 tablets.

The first time I tried Morph Megadrive I thought 'wow that's sweet!', so if you like sweet then you're going to love this one.  Its an aniseed flavour which is fine but the added sweetness was abit too much for me so at my next workout I added more water which made it much better. 

I took the Morph Megadrive for a week and found that it gave me a good overall energy and strength but not the 'mental kick' like some other pre workout formulas.  Might be a good thing as you're not hyped up so you're not all anxious for your training session.  I would say I'd need to take it on a longer term to see how it would increase my strength and overall muscle mass.

Hopefully our Morph Megadrive winner Ness will give us a better idea after she's used all her container.

Lisa, Go Figure
27 April 10

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