N.O Blast is the New Pre Workout Formula from Balance which has been designed to give you energy and focus to get you through any gruelling game or workout. Available with or without caffeine.
"I've had the N.O Blast before a few of my weight sessions now and enjoying it.  First I must say it tasted great and not too sweet at all.  Its got a nice tropical/orangey flavour like the Ultimate Recovery Stack. Since its not too sweet, its a flavour I can drink alot of frequenly without getting sick of it.

I took the caffeined NO Blast about 30mins before training usually.  About 15mins into my workouts I feel a nice tingle in my muscles. With other pre workout drinks that I've had I get that 'hyped' feeling in my head, you know the caffeine kick!  but with this I don't which is probably a good thing as usually with the caffeine I get a bit of energy crash in the mid afternoon.  Whereas with the Blast I feel I still have the energy without the 'down' phase.
So back to the workouts.  I feel I do have the energy towards the end of my workouts whereas I usually just fade.  On days where I have busy afternoons with clients I'll take shot of the Caffeine Free N.O Blast to keep my energy up if I have more rigorous sessions in store, so its good to have it without the caffeine otherwise it would keep me awake into the night. I'm glad Balance have finally brought out a pre workout formula as now my supplement regime is complete!"
Lisa Go Figure
18 May 10

"Wow, that N.O Blast delivered!!  I had to instruct a Spin class last night, and at 5pm realised I hadn't had any carbs at lunch time after having done a leg workout that morning.  Thought I'd give the Blast a go - had nothing to lose.   Really liked the flavour, not too sweet or artificial tasting.     Did a wicked hour of hills and heavy riding and had energy to burn - felt awesome during and after taking the class.  SOLD!!   Thanks for the chance to try it - wouldn't have considered it normally"
Kirsty, 18 May

When mixed there was no lumpy residue left on the bottom. As a tropical flavour I expected the taste to be sweet, but it wasnn't, drinking N.O. Blast it gave me a light feeling, very smooth a bit of an up-lift, weird but a good weird. It had only been 15minutes in taking the drink and I felt alert and I was listening to the sounds of Enigma. So I headed for the gym, had a quick warm-up, its like this burst of energy and I couldn't wait to pump some iron. Wow! This stuff is good what a thrill.
Jane, 20 May
"I think the NO Blast tastes beautiful and its easy on the stomach. I've been using it before my workouts and feel that it gives me really good energy while training. Afterwards I take the Ultimate Recovery Stack to help my muscles repair and recover"

Tony Ligaliga
20 May
" Have had some really good sessions lately with N.O Blast. I work out at 6am and it was really good to have something to get the blood going, i found N.O Blast to be great tasting and produced a good pump without any "jitters". I found the best response came from drinking it on an empty stomach with ice cold water which helped it move quickly into the working muscle, also it lasted the entire session and then on into the day which is really good.
Great tasting and does what you need from a pre work out supp"
cheers again
Scotty, 25 May

‘I've been trying the new Balance NO Blast and has been great. Like the tropical taste, not to sweet and mixes up quick and easily as I rush to get to the gym. Gives me a noticeable boost in energy during my sessions and through the day and have increased both weight and reps which I certainly feel the next day, think my training partner is feeling it as well! Thanks to Lisa and Go Figure for the sample so I could try it out.'
Ben, 25 May

I have trialed the caffeine and caffeine free versions for the last 2 weeks.  I took it 30mins before my workouts (5.30am) and on an empty stomach.  I've had noticeably better workouts since taking it.  I didn't notice the difference between the two, both tasted the same (nice) and gave the same results- whatever muscle I was training felt huge! It is definitely a product I'd continue to train with.   Thanks for the opportunity to try this product.  
Kat, 2 June

Had my first taste of NO Blast (with caffeine) on  Friday, it tasted great and I could feel the difference in my workout. I was feeling a little tired beforehand but found I was just the 'energizer bunny' all day. I would use this again!
Jillian, 2 June

It was a rough start to the day after a night of coughing children keeping me awake.  Was also carrying a knee injury so wasn't too enthused to train today.  So this made it the perfect time to trial the NO Blast.   It was easy to mix and tasted good - i don't handle sweet stuff too well but this was very tasty.  The bits at the bottom weren't so hot though!  I had this about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.  After my warm up run, the legs were pumped, my energy levels were up and was feeling pretty darn good to make the most of my chest workout. 

This sample kept me going throughout the whole workout, was able to up weights/reps as well as sustainable energy for the whole workout.  Was enjoying the results of the training when i hit my last set of cable flys in front of the mirror, nicely ripped!  Still buzzing an hour after training and it certainly helped get past the fatigue i felt this morning.  Would I add this to my supplement plan - yes.

Veronica, 3 June

N.O Blast winners

Sue Bettridge, Wendy Sole, Melissa Hedley, Mose Petaia, Georgina Waitaki, Brent Corin, Scott Mayhew, Phillip Lusby, Maeve O'Dwyer, Jane Matua, Veronica O'Grady, Karen Nippress, Rochelle Vincent, Janette McKeown, Wendy Apaapa, Kat Hall, Donovan Bickford, Kristy Hartley, Rochelle Allsopp-Smith

NB: Sample shot receivers will be required to give us feedback on the product. 

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