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 10-Balance0-SmlMatrix 7 Sample Chocolate 

 10-Balance0-SmlMatrix 7 Sample Vanilla

Ultra Ripped

Lee Mayhew
Cindy Anderson
Gino De Leva
Maria Dunlop
Paulette Adsett
Matt Adsett
Julie Vesty
Watson Pita
Farah Deobhakta
Paul AhKuoi
Danny Matua
Jill Clark
Che Kavanagh

Balance WPC/WPI
Eve Dombrovski
Tina Chiles
Kelly Webber
Kevin Johnson
Farah Deobhakta
Barbara Moyes
Kirstine Nelson
Catherine Materman
Rick Ujfalussy
Aroha Wilkinson
Belinda Tuki
Jane Davies
Eleanor Waters
Patrick Redmond
Sarah White
Balance Mass Gainer
Scott Mayhew
Anna McDonald
Barbara Moyes
Marty Niao
Ben Richardson
Stefanie Kennedy
Lee West
Francis Erickson

Matrix 7
Vanessa Bartley
Justeen Jones
Janette McKeown
Daniel Massey
Emma Castle
Blair Tomlinson
Peter Gardiner
Andrew Murray
Lise Burnett
Dean Parkes

Cookies and Cream Flavour Reviews:
The smell test reminded me of the chocolate chip cookies, the big black bear with the bow tie. I expected the powder to be a chocolate colour but instead it was a creamy white. I mixed the sample with my morning porridge; the powder contained brown sand like particles. Once the porridge was cooked these particles soaked up and the taste was delightful; it was like actually eating chocolate chippies. The flavour was still present once cooked so the cooking temperature did not alter its quality. As you can tell I am a sucker for chocolate, I think the Ultra Ripped Protein will go well with my rice muffin mix can't wait for afternoon tea. 
Jane Matua

I thought the sample mixed really well and made a good "dessert" type of protein shake. For me personally though, I prefer the vanilla flavoured protein powders, I find them more versatile and add them to porridge and baking etc. As I recall, the powder had an unusual smell, and I wasn't too keen on the floating cookie pieces, but other than that it was fine. As I said before I was impressed with the ease at which it blended with water - something some powders really struggle with.  
Cheers Kelly Webber

I had the cookies n cream WPI/WPC, I mixed some in a shake (which mixed easily) and the rest mixed in with my oats and both were good and tasted excellent. I would recommend it to clients. Cheers, Rick

I had the cookies n cream Mass Gainer. Thought it was really good, it mixed well with milk and tasted great plus was quite filling so didnt need to add anything in the way of carbs or fats thought it was a lot less sweeter than other balance shakes i have tried in the past, really cool, thanks so much.

hey, loved the taste/smell etc. mixed well. would love to get some more of it. maybe next time, when i get some money :) cheers Che

I just mixed it in a shaker with water - no lumps or clumps which was great. It smelt nice, not to strong. I'm not normally a fan of 'cookies & cream' but I liked it, I didn't find it too sweet like many of the 'cookies & cream' flavours and I actually liked the 'cookie' bits, they were fine in texture, but not gritty. It'd be a good alternative to chocolate or vanilla if you're getting bored and need a flavour change but nothing too extreme.

I'd use it again and would probably try mixing it in a blender with ice for a creamy thick-shake maybe.

It arrived in the post right when I was about to have a shake, so I decided to try it right away. It was tasty and not sickly at all - I had only had one other cookies and cream flavoured shake before, which was a casein one which I found horrible and sickly, so I was keen to sample another brand to see if it was nicer, and it definitely was. Mixed well too - no sign of any lumps. I'd definitely buy it based on the taste and mixability of the sample.

Cheers J Tina

Matrix 7 Vanilla  - tasted good, easy to mix, liked it thicker although it was quite sweet but added some more water and was less sweet  

Matrix 7 Chocolate - not usually a chocolate fan in a protein powder, made it thick at first but was too sweet so I added more water, much better - one thing I didn't like with both of the powders was that it was hard to clean the shaker afterwards even afer letting it soak in water. Still had to do a lot of scrubbing to get it off the sides, especially the chocolate!  

Berrylicious Recovery stack - quite liked the tropical flavour, just a little different to the orange but still good  

WPC/WPI Cookies and cream - always been a favourite flavour of mine and this one no different, easier to wash the shaker and it tasted good.  

With all the powders I like the way they can be made thicker, the old balance semed to always be a bit thin!

Loved it! Cookies n Cream is or was one of my fav ice-cream flavours (haven't really indulged in it for months) and so I loved the sample...was almost too good to be good ;-). It gave me the same hit, without the guilt. Good texture, not too sweet and mixed well!   Regards Paul

So, the Cookies & Cream WPC/WPI sample...   I was really excited to try the new Balance Cookies & Cream protein - it's my favourite flavour ice cream, so what could be better than Cookies & Cream flavoured protein? I'd been dieting for months so I was primed to try it!  
As a bit of a treat I decided to mix it up with some Greek yoghurt and it mixed really easily with no lumps. I wasn't overwhelmed by a strong smell when I opened the container, it seemed to be pretty mild. And the taste matched that. I was hoping for a real strong cookie flavour but it wasn't to be. It did taste great, just not a really strong flavour which is probably good for the majority of people. Overall I'd buy it again - a good quality protein and a nice variation of flavour.

Some of the key features of their new containers include:
- easier opening of the large 1.5kg and 3kg containers.  No more getting the knife out to cut the plastic that connects the lid to the tub.  They've designed an easier way to click the seal open, yay!

- For the guys, the mouth of the container is bigger which means you don't have to squeeze your hand down the container to scoop out protein

- Now you don't have to dig around inside the powder to find the scoop as the scoop is now attached to the inside of the lid.......and there's a hook inside the container to hang your scoop on so doesn't get lost in the powder.

Balance have really thought of everything!


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