Lisa and Kristian
MusclePlus is a new innovative business which offers a one stop shop for athletes who require healthy 'ready to go meals' combined with the backup of nutrition professionals.  
Kristian Bray puts the Muscle in the MusclePlus team. Many of you will be familiar with Kristian for his marathon efforts on the bodybuilding stage this year having competed in 13 shows.  Kristian knows the  importance of eating well to grow muscle so his role as Business Development Manager at MusclePlus is perfect for him to combine food, bodybuliding and career. Lucky guy!

MusclePlus could be ideal for you if you're lacking in direction with your nutrition regime.  As a one stop shop, MusclePlus can provide you with nutrition consultants, dietary analysis and convenient healthy ready to go meals that give you the energy you need to eat, train and grow.

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