Musashi Reviews by Claire Torr

I was so excited to try out the new Musashi SLM protein powder range, i had just run out of my protein powder and anything FREE taste's that much sweeter right, haha.

The three types, high protein formula, fat metabolising formula, and meal replacement formula all mixed well with water, with no Lumps which is always a good thing.

Nothing worse than drinking back dry balls of protein in your shake. 


I tried the meal replacement formula in chocolate first, which i found a little to sweet for me, but did mix up to a good thickness. Also having a good amount of vitamins in there, higher in your carbs and sugars then the other two formulas,  this would be a good choice on the run in the morning to kick start the day.

The fat metabolising formula i also tried in chocolate, much the same taste and texture as the meal replacement. Higher in protein than and a good combo of ingredients to help dig into your stored fat for energy, always a bonus when you want to curb some unwanted chub.

For me, my favourite was the High Protein formula. I tried this one in vanilla and it tasted like a naughty little pudding, i mixed it with a little water into a gue and placed in the fridge to cool, YUMMY. It also has your natural amino acids to help with feeding your muscles, higher amount of protein per serve so it fulled me up nicely for quit a while. With a good blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate and the lowest amount out of the three in Carbohydrates and sugars i found is a extra bonus for me.

All in all, the three are great products, good formulas to get you on your way to looking FAB!! It comes down to your personal goals and which will help assist you the most in your daily needs.

Claire Rose :)
21 February 11 

Winners of SLM Prizepacks from Musashi are:.

Yenegh Kokebe
Jo Redgewell
Claire Walkinshaw
T Ginsbar
Waina Pene
Kalle Howlett
Jayne Stenberg
Leslie Whitehead
Natasha Guy
Stephanie Masters
Jeanie Boaza
Susan Hays
Joy Stevens
David Johnson
Melanie McConnell
Jeff Holmes
Penne Clayton
Anne Eckford
Chris Burton
Jamie Dunn

Each person will receive the following Musashi Prizepack: Musashi's delicious Fat Metabolising, Meal Replacement and High Protein sample sachet.

Thank you Musashi for giving us such delicious treats!!!



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