11-Topmark-Amino-Energy-Fruit-Fusion YAY! Received another exciting little parcel on my door step once again. Ripped it open to find ‘Optimum Nutritions, Essential Amino Energy, anytime Energy + pump + recovery’ Fruit Fusion Flavour drink. YUM! (thats a mouth full to say, Haha.) 
So, I poured it into my drink bottle and headed straight off to a night training session, and drunk it on my way to the gym. Half way through my workout I noticed a great deal of extra mental focus, and it really helped me to get into it and to push that extra rep out, it was a great training session.

After I noticed I was still super focused and kinda couldn’t stop talking...tad bit ADD. Typical Blonde moment, I didn’t read the instructions and little did I know I had just had 2 serves, haha. This explained the lack of sleep and my motor mouth going off all night.

Anyway, It mixed well with water and has gota be the best tasting energy boost product i’ve had to date! Definately gave me extra mental focus in my training and has a good amount of your Amino Acids in there too, which is great for feeding your well worked bodies.  

Best to have this during the day, for morning ‘pick me ups’ and as a pre-work out. I found it great for that extra mental focus, and that was with one serve too, haha. Note to self...Read instructions, and don’t have double serves...haha. 

Happy Training 
Claire Rose :) 

11 April 11

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