Over the holidays I had the chance to try the Pre Workout 'Purple Wraath' from Controlled Labs.  I must say the name did scare me a little as I was imagining a full on head rage coming on from the first sip.

As I'm trying to get over my adrenal fatigue, I didn't need to take anything that was going to give me too much adrenal stimulation so ideally I shouldn't take anything. But how could I decline a present as that would be rude wouldn't it.
On to the trial.  To my surprise, the formula didn't give me the headache or give me that anxious increased heart rate feeling I thought was coming so that's a great start. 

Instead Purple Wrath relies on the arginine and beta alanine in its formula to give you that nice tingly pumped feeling as you get in the middle of your workout.  I felt good sustained energy and a good pump.  I like the fact that it doesn't have the thermos like green tea, caffeine, citrus aurantium as this would just work my adreanal glands too much.  Incorporating a good amount of BCAA's, Purple Wraath gives you the aminos you need for recovery too. 

The purple lemonade flavour was great, not too sweet.  It doesn't contain any dextrose, maltodextrose or sucralose which is another added bonus as these usually adds to the crash after my training.

Overall I thought this pre workout was good as it doesn't stimulate you too much or give you that crash after training.  Purple wraath provided enough kick to get you going and the aminos needed to give the muscles the nutrients it needs straight after training.

Lisa, Go Figure
January 2012

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