alt Have you seen Vitamin Gum around at your health food or supplement shop?  I saw it and thought ofcourse I have to give it a try but very sceptical in doing so as how can we possibly get vitamins from chewing gum. Go Figure!   
So with my mouth ready to refreshed (and injected by health giving vitamins) I gave all the flavours of Vitamin Gum a try, which include spearmint, peppermint and grape.  Not all at once ofcourse as that would give me a gutache.  Spearmint was the strongest of the flavours and the longest lasting of the 3.  Peppermint was refreshing too. Grape was nice and a little sweet, perfect for after dinner.

While the flavours are fine, it would be hard on the digestive system to chew the whole packet in one day to get all the recommended vitamin daily intake like the packet suggests.

At $3 a packet this is quite expensive compared to the normal $2.50 of wrigleys or other brands from the local dairy.

So as a fun product Vitamin Gum is fine but we suggest not to rely on it for your vitamins, rather get your vitamins from a good balanced diet and use the gum to chew after your meals to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lisa, Go Figure
January 2012

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