I trialled the PWR ultra concentrate pre workout  formula on the one of 2 days I allow myself the sweet delight of a preworkout drink prior to training.

The blue raspberry flavour tasted great, a little sweet than I like it but wasn't sweet and sickly or chemical tasting. 

About 20min into my chest workout I felt the tingles from Beta Alanine (1600mg) in the formula kicking in, the focus of the caffeine (300mg) helped too but the formula wasn't so high that it made me feel anxious.
During the training I felt quite pumped (probably from the 500mg arginine) and felt I had lots of energy, so much so that I even managed at 70kg x 8 reps barbell bench press!

I didn't experience a crash after the workout, instead I felt my metabolism was still raised about 3-4 hours after training.  Overall I thought the PWR is a good product and could help you give you that extra energy and edge during your workout.

Lisa, Go Figure
13 February 2012

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