You know that time after dinner.  Your belly's full but you have that little sugar craving that you need satisfying but not quite ready for your (healthy) dessert just yet.

Well Optimum Nutrition have have come to the rescue with Amino Chewables. The answer to your sugar craving and stop you researching for more food or the dredded chocolate or icecream.

Basically Amino Chewables is the 'lolly' version of the tasty Amino Energy.  The lollies come in Wild Berry and Lemonade flavours and I'd say the berry is my favourite.  With only 10 calories per 3 tablets, the chewables gives you enough of the sugar taste to curb that edge so you can hold out till your next meal or dessert. 

Beware though, as Amino Chewables is a compact version of the Amino Energy, they contain Guarana and Caffeine which can keep you awake at night if you have it too late into the evening.  I learned that the hard way!

The other time I find chewables handy is between afternoon tea and dinner.  You know that time around 5pm, too early for dinner but you just need a little something to curb that sugar/hunger craving?  chewables are perfect.

Give it a go if you want a health tasty treat, the hard part will be to hold yourself back from not eating too many at one go!

Go Figure
May 2012

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